I’m thinking of ending things…

Author – Iain Reid Page count – 224 (hardback) 130 (eBook) Genre – Suspense, psychological thriller The story is about a young woman and her boyfriend. A girl has no […]

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Hunger Games of the government…

The government holds too much power. This is very well portrayed in the Hunger Games a book trilogy written by American author Suzanne Collins later made into a science fiction dystopian film series. The story is basically how the government has too much power over the lives of common man, […]

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Bombay HC comes to rescue a 70-yr old widow

‌Bombay High Court has recently rescued a 70 year old widow after she was torture by her daughter. The widow was kept under house arrest whose shoulder was fractured and nerves were broken for months. She was kept without any proper medical support and was being tortured physically and mentally. […]

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