Month: June 2019

Effect of Financial Crisis in Efficiency and Strategic Homogeneity of Indian Commercial Banks: An Empirical Investigation

The mean-variance method developed by Markowitz (1959) was aimed at obtaining optimizing portfolios. But selection of portfolio in the real world mostly deviates from this optimal criterion. In this paper we have considered this issue from an altogether different aspect and developed means for aiming at nearly optimum portfolio. We […]

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Himachal Pradesh Solar Power Policy 2018

Himachal Pradesh Solar Policy and it\’s Solar Highlights Himachal Pradesh translated to \”Snow Abode\” and is a state that is located in Northern region of India. It has states like Punjab, J&K and Haryana as its neighbouring states. The state is most famous for its hill stations, with Shimla being […]

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Call for Book Chapters

Edupedia Publications Pvt Ltd is calling for a collection of scholarly or scientific edited chapters contributed by authors from different researching fields with the similar topics and interests to compose a book, which will be edited and harmonized by its Editor-in-Chief who can be an experienced and highly-esteemed expert in […]

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