Viral Challenges: Fun At Home

by: Manisha Chandwani

All the Social Media sites are bombarded with so many fun challenges while everyone is staying home during the quarantine.

The first week of Lockdown was quite challenging for everyone and especially for students. The day to day activities was stopped all of sudden due to the Pandemic situation across the globe. Coronavirus has affected everyone’s daily life schedule but as we know staying at home is essential for each one of us to stay healthy and corona free.

Viral Challenges

Viral Challenges

So to utilize this quarantine time people brought the best challenges on every social media site be it Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc. Users are going crazy with the trends and enjoying the challenges. #Challengeaccepted!!

These challenges include the most followed Dalgona Coffee challenge. This challenge has been highly participatory almost every person has loved this challenge and done it. This challenge is been extremely shared because no matter how bored you are at the end you will fetch yourself a mouth-watering coffee after all who say no to the coffee.

Another extremely shared challenge is Bingo. People are utilizing their time in creating beautiful and exciting Bingo which is basically what you have/ haven’t done in your city, college, school and this challenge are been mostly accepted by the youth.

Other Challenges are also been overrun on social media like physical challenge- Pushups and Squats challenge, Drawing anything on your story challenge and tagging others to do the same, For food bloggers Cook at home #Quarantinecookingchallenge, Dance challenges on TikTok and so many more.

These challenges were started by people when they began to stay home. All the challenges have come out as a positive impact on people during quarantine and it seems like no matter for how long we have to stay home such challenges will surely keep us engaged, entertained and connected to the World.

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