“Taste or Health – Man Against Oneself” ?

Evolution of mankind has led humans to different phases and eras of lifestyle with doors opened to every kind of facility, commodity and comfort. But all this came with all the great efforts and struggles of our ancestors who traveled from place to place in search of food and water initially, then shelter, knowledge,relationship,and many more. So there is and will be a lot more to learn from the finding and struggles of our ancestors. But we humans as we evolved, tried to shift towards things which fascinated us. So we hardly invested in things which were really necessary for us, especially our body truly needed it. The best and finest example for the same is food. Humans and its tribes have walked distances in search of better water and food resources so as to remain fit and healthy. But in today’s world we have totally shifted from the mindset of “What is necessary to our body and health towards What is necessary for our taste”. So doing all this we truly have deteriorated our health and immune system definitely. 

Today’s youth has made a quick shift towards these junk and unhealthy foods and love eating it more oftenly. Variety of these outlets have also come up with big brand names around the world , which are into the business of these foods. But this food has affected humans in many ways, especially focusing on the Aggression and Patience level. So to know about this , a survey of around 23000 women who were pregnant was conducted who ate junk food while pregnant, with the one who ate healthy food. It was widely acknowledged that children whose mother ate more junk food during her pregnancy, the children came out to be more aggressive and less patient. Thus the effect of this junk food could widely be seen. 

Junk food lacks the main nutrients, vitamins and protein responsible for helping normal humans to perform a number of activities in day to day life. Major thing which these lack is Omega-3 which is responsible for major functioning in our body and helps to fight anxiety and depression, and reduces heart related risk. This was also tested while experiments on Mice as mice-1 was given protein and vitamin rich good while other was provided junk food lacking, Omega-3 , so it was recorded that in the mice who’s diet was rich in vitamin, protein was seen to be calm and healthy whichever the one who’s diet lack vitamins and protein and basically Omega-3 show symptom of anxiety and stress by moving around. 

Food and what we eat, do have an effect in our actions and decisions which we perform. If we eat healthy, our mind feels fresh and more often takes decisions in a calm and peaceful manner, while if we eat food which lacks these things, the conditions are reversed. This was seen I’m an experiment where 2 scenarios were taken. 

  1. First case the participants were given junk food before the experiment. 
  2. The participants were given healthy, protein, and vitamin rich food. 

The experiment was like that there will be two participants and the other participant will have 10 dollars, it’s his choice how he divides it between two. If you take the money irrespective of how it is divided, it’s yours but if you challenge the issue of division, then both lose and no one takes the money. 

  1. So in the first case when participants went after eating junk food. They show some actions of aggression and impatience. The other participant divided 10 dollars as 2:8 . Which means that the participant would get just 2 dollars whichever the one dividing kept 8 . Most of the experiment resulted in no one taking money, as they fight back for equal share. This all came out if their sudden action due to lack of patience and thinking about. 
  2. While in the second case where participants had better food, they seem to be calm and composed. When the other participant divided in the same ratio of 2:8 . Most of the participants believe to take more money than nothing. 

So this shows that how food really affects our day to day actions and thus relates reactions to whatever we do. 

There are many more significant researches which do show that how our eating habits do affect our actions, our way of dealing with tasks on day to day bases, and surely our health. So one must try to eat healthy food, irrespective of how it tastes or one likes it or not. It is the need of our body and we require it for performing day to day task in the right and peaceful way. One can have these junk for once in a while but including them in day to day lifestyle would surely have a bad impact on our “health” and surely our “relationship“. 

“So one must focus on eating healthy , living healthy and thus behaving healthy”. 

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