“Not all scars are visible”- Mental health

You might consider yourself to be physically healthful but do you possess a healthy state of mind? How frequently do you consider mental pressure, anxiety or an ill mood? We all must be conscious of the point that a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, both are a part of what makes us whole. Consequently, looking after mental health is as fundamental as caring for the physical health.

A healthy mind encompasses the ability of individuals that allows him or her to withstand the stressful and troublesome situations of life, work productively and contribute their presence in the community. But multiple times people are not competent to look after what they think intense in their minds. That is when the mental disorder begins. A consequence of which they might suffer from depression, anxiety, autism, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, dementia and many more. These disturbances makes them feel sad and makes their mood low. They may face severe mood fluctuations of highs and lows and make them unable to cope with even simple life problems. They may face problems while concentrating and have reduced ability to think keeping them confused all day long.

Accordingly, factors that may affect mental health are:

  • Abuse: This may be physical, sexual, oral or psychological.
  • Physical indisposition: This includes diseases, injuries or other physical disabilities.
  • Social connections: Includes any separation, divorce, family loss etc.
  • Difficult characters: people who exhibit irrelevant behaviour, extreme lying, violence, inappropriate actions.

Have you ever heard about the terminology D.O.S.E?

If not, then this might surprise you as holding a healthy mind starts right here. D.O.S.E exists for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins. Dopamine among the four is the fundamental chemical that emanate positive emotions in the body. Let’s understand how these chemicals function:

Dopamine: This is something that we can consider as ‘The Happiness Drug’. This motivates us towards our goal that we aspire to accomplish in our existences. Without Dopamine one never would have had the enthusiasm to achieve what they strive for, and the essential happiness We may also refer it to the slight joy that we feel in out day to day life.

How to retain a Healthy Mind?

Now as we know that a healthy mind prepares a happy mind, we also need to comprehend how to do so. A healthy mind is what helps us throughout our entire being therefore the following could be done for our mental health:

  • Being active: Exercising will support the physical as well as mental health.
  • Talk to yourself: Make time and efforts into bridging relations with yourself, keep telling yourself that You are worth enough.
  • Keep learning: Keeping the mind healthy; learning new skills, languages, sports, information etc. has proved constructive.
  • Quit the addiction: Healthy mind is related to a healthy body, any alcoholic or drug addiction would impede the situation.

An unhealthy mind is considered the worst place to be. This state of mind would make you either win or vanish. Make some time for your mind. Care for it and it would take care of you.