Crime against women

Today, the greatest numbers of crimes are committed against women. They are harassed, tortured and ill-treated. The lure of making easy money has led to outrageous demands for dowry. Brides are harassed and burnt alive if they do not bring sufficient dowry. Many such newly married women commit suicide to save their parents from humiliation. Some become call-girls and prostitutes after going through harrowing experiences in married life. All these actions are possible because women are considered physically weaker than men and find it very difficult to retaliate to physical violence. The basic reason behind all this is the patriarchal nature of our society, in which men are dominating in all spheres of life.

Today, it is possible to determine the sex of the unborn child. This has led to the abhorrent practice of female foeticide. Even though this practice has been outlawed many years ago, it continues due to pressure from the society.

Eve-teasing is common everywhere and women are treated as sex objects Abduction and rape are everyday occurrences. Even minor girls are not spared Working women are exploited at their workplaces, especially by their male seniors. They are subjected to sexual harassment frequently. Women are criminally assaulted in police lock-ups and even the so-called protective homes are not safe for them. The remedy lies in women’s education and economic independence. Stringent laws must be made to protect the interests of women. Above all, the moral atmosphere of society must undergo a complete transformation.

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