Digital Marketing: An Emerging Field

The importance of digital marketing is taking quantum jumps in today’s business world. The world has become so digital now even small kids are becoming tech-savvy and started doing digital experiments. People have realized the importance of digital marketing in today’s competitive world, and so our young curious minds. Digital Marketing as a career has benefits which far outweigh other streams of Marketing, in much the same way demand outweighs the supply of Digital Marketing professionals. Yes, that’s right. The demand for professionals in the Online Marketing field has high sky-rocketed ever since companies realized that traditional channels of Marketing alone won’t bring in revenue. 70% of marketing job openings now require digital skills.

Digital marketing skills are so high in demand right now that many companies prefer giving jobs to the candidate who is digital amateur. But unfortunately, there are lot of jobs available but not enough readily adequate people to fill them. Today all job profiles seek practical knowledge. Going for a job interview with an academic degree does not work nowadays as these people are instantly rejected undoubtedly, Digital Marketing is a versatile and rewarding career.
With increasing budgets, higher pay and expanding career choices, the digital domain is finally being taken seriously. There has been an increase in Digital Marketing jobs worldwide, and Digital Marketers are hot property. With the possibility of steering your own career, the benefits of Digital Marketing are immense.

Various subfields spinning out of the Digital Marketing domain are in themselves full-fledged with a wide range of career options.

  1. SEO- Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting a high rank for a website in SERP’s.
  2. SEM- Search Engine Marketing involves using paid methods for maximum outreach.
  3. SMM- Social Media Marketing involves optimizing content and using social media to reach the target audience.
  4. Email Marketing- Effective Emails are written and designed for engagement and increasing product reach.
  5. Content Marketing- Effective copy and content are extremely important in engaging users.

Other than these most favourable career options of Digital Marketing, there are many other choices available such as Analytics, Copywriting, Web Design and Development, Advertising etc.

1. Compete with Large Corporations- Digital Marketing can enable you to compete head and head with large corporations. With Digital Marketing, you can get a coma competitive advantage even as a startup or small business leader.

2. Get Prepared For The ‘Internet Of Things’- As people are getting tech-savvy would be a good move to promote your business through the digital platform. This can help you connect with your customers anytime and anywhere in an effective way.

3. Earn People’s Trust And Build Brand Reputation- It’s important to classify brand objectives with customers interest. Digital Marketing can help target the right customers in a substantial way.

4. Ensure Online Business Survival- Digital Marketers can implement innovative ways to entice customers. By targeting the right kind of people, marketers can take the necessary steps for betterment and success for their businesses.

5. Know All About Your Competitors- Many brands and businesses are ramping up on their digital marketing campaigns, using various channels. Have a look at your comcompetitor’srategies and plan yours accordingly to get an edge over them.

6. Real-Time Results- Digital Marketing lets you know how influential your approach has been. By understanding the scenario, you can take the necessary steps to retouch the results in stipulated time.

7. Improve Your Outreach- The online platform is the best medium to connect with your customers worldwide. With Online Marketing, you can be more fetching in terms of providing earnest responses to the relevant queries and feedback.

Final Thoughts:
If there ever was a time to jump on the digital career bandwagon, then this is the time. Make yourself the perfect fit to fill in the Digital Marketing skill gap and open the doors to a wide variety of career choices. With the domain still in its infancy, the possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure: it’s only going to get better from here.