YOU DON’T HAVE TO POST IT.TO PROVE IT . You must be wondering (maybe) that why am i using Capitonomy ? Obviously to emphasize. To emphasize on the state of mind a lot of people have that if their opinions are not validated by social media their opinions do not matter. But why ? Why is it so important for people to have opinions of people that do not even matter ? There is no doubt that Social Media has reshaped everything .Social Media has not only reshaped communication industry but has also redefined the ways in which we communicate and express.We have embraced it so tenaciously that social media is now an integral part of our lives. Whatever we do ,whatever we say impacts our lives directly.

I prefer calling the social media both a boon and a bane. Why boon ? Social media has made our lives comfortable than ever. It is just one click and your thoughts are expressed globally. You can talk to anybody at anytime. You can engage to people as many as you want. You can be a youtuber ,you can be a blogger, you can share your cooking recipes, you can earn online, you can teach online ,you can find jobs online , you can do anything and everything just by being on the internet and i don’t deny it at all. Had we not got a platform like this we would still be finding ways of communicating to each other. Today i am writing this article for my viewers to read and it is the easiest way i can do this. Social media has helped marketing to a big extent . Now marketing has entered a different stage. Now, it no more a one way traffic .Now marketers know their customers and customers know their marketers. It is the most cost effective platform one could get to reach a mass audience.You post a video on social media today and it goes viral next day maybe you are a celebrity with a verified ID. Social media is so strong it can make and break both at once.

But, looking at the other end, social media also turns out to be dangerous at times. Why a Bane ? There is a lot of conflict of privacy being hampered of the users. The data you share on the platform is not safe . Then, you get addicted to the social media once you are on it. Another, you start valuing yourself on the opinions of others. You look for validations which is completely not needed. You have to be YOU WITHOUT VALIDATIONS !! You also have to post or speak very specifically and very carefully because one wrong step and it costs you bad. Through social media we also tend to engage with people we do not really know and are characterized as “Internet friends” and you don’t really know who is fake and who is real.

Summing up, everything has a two way traffic. Nothing and Nobody is PERFECT. It is we who have to decide what, how, when and where to use . But, remember in a crowd if you feel something is not right, STAND FOR THE RIGHT EVEN IF IT MEANS STANDING ALONE !

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