Keep calm and go win it!…

I woke up in the morning. On my mobile, I saw local news saying the market will be open as NEET exam is scheduled today. It reminded me of my best friend’s younger brother. He is a NEET aspirant. He is a repeater and has been preparing for 3 years. A few moments later, I received a text from my best friend. He told me, his brother’s exam today. I said yes I know, wish him luck from me. Then he told me that’s the issue. He told me that his brother didn’t sleep for the whole night and only thinking about exam. He was scared and under stress. When he woke up in the morning, he was feeling anxious. He felt his heart beating fast. They called the doctor home. She told them he’s under stress and need some rest. Then he slept for a while and went for the exam.
I know every one of you must have gone through this phase for once in your life. We work hard, try to give our best shot but when the day of the exam arrives, we feel the fear and anxiety. We get stuck in iffs and what iffs. After working hard, we feel anxious thinking about the future. We think about what will happen if we fail. Our mind keep on burdening ourselves under our own expectations or others’.
Every one of us run behind the success, how to win, how to make money, how to be rich, how to earn fame and much more. But no one of thinks or plans about what if it doesn’t work, what should we do then. This is why we struggle when failures give a hug cause we don’t know how to deal with it. We ignored smartly this side of life. But life is harsh, it eventually brings you in rough road. This sudden impact on our old mindset put us in shock and we fall prey to mental problems. I’m not saying we should discourage someone with the fear of failure. But we should make them aware of this fact. This too can happen and you have to be ready for it. From childhood, we keep children away from this darker side of success. When they grow up, they struggle of their own and face this harsh reality all of a sudden. Some couldn’t take it easy and some manage it well.
All I want to say is failures should not be a taboo. We are humans, we make mistakes. Sometimes even after all the efforts, we couldn’t make it. And it is completely okay. It cannot be the end of life. People walk, fall, rise again. This cycle continues forever. It is a never ending loop. We should always remember that god don’t create garbage. If he closes a door for us even after we gave our best then definitely he must be planning something more precious for you. All you need to do is accept failures with calm mind and be ready to rise again. We can rise only if we fall, so take it as a first step towards your rise!…

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