Are Gandhian principles relevant today?

Gandhiji was a national leader of India who forced the Britishers to leave India without resorting to violence. He is regarded both as a transformational leader and a leader of the masses. Every year on 2nd October, we celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary and recall his principles and philosophies. It is a fact that Gandhiji adhered to his principles of non violence, truth and satyagraha with utmost sincerity to achieve his goals. Many people argue that all his principles hold good in today’s world. We all have moved years ahead with lots of changes in lives, innovations in science and technology, vivid variety of lifestyles. Here the point is if the principles and ideologies of Gandhi are still relevant or practical in modern world or not.


•Gandhiji’s principle are valid and everlasting His principles are based on truth and non-violence are the base of civilized human society. He practically proved to the whole world that a war can be fought without indulging in violence. In modern world violence is increasing rapidly. Nuclear weapons and terrorism are becoming common these days. More and more People are resorting to violence and divided into religious and ethnic compartments. We need guidance and the direction to save the world from this desperate situation.

• Gandhiji is an inspiration to international leaders also.

Gandhian principles are followed not only by national leaders but also by some eminent foreign leaders like Dalai Lama, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela etc.

• Gandhi’s principles of economic independence valid even today

Even today, our Prime minister has launched a programme ‘Make in India’ which very much reflects Gandhiji’s principles of spinning Khadi and giving employment to thousands of poor people.


• Violence multiplies on being non-violent

In today’s era, violence can best be answered by violence. Those who remain silent when treated with violence suffer even worse if they do not fire back in the same way.

• Modern culture outplays Gandhian swawlambi philosophy

In today’s modern world, trends and fashion have taken a new shape and so people wear trendy outfits and by no means they are restricted to use self made khadi clothes as part of ‘Swawlambi’ philosophy of Gandhiji.

• Principle of truth not valid today

In a world where money is the most important part of life, big business houses and capitalists thrive on lies to make huge profits. Advertising agencies most of the time try to cheat people by projecting false claims. Today values and meaning of the success are far more different from the values of Gandhiji.

To conclude we can say that some of Gandhian principles are relevant even today, though some of them have become outdated and irrelevant. The principle of non violence cannot be ignored. Gandhiji’s vision cannot be ignored as they form the very base on which a new generation of decision makers must adapt in order to compete on the global level. If the energy of the youth can receive honest and selfless motivation and direction from the experienced then India can surely progress. Gandhi’s vision should not be lost in religious, political and emotional fervours. It must be reorganized and reconstructed for a brighter and logical future.

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