Virtual Assistants have also started understanding Hindi

Virtual Interaction means Artificial Intelligence is gradually strengthening its place in our lives, whether you realize it or not. It is not only affecting our working practices but also changing them- whether we work in Hindi or English. A great example of this is the change in the way computers, mobiles and other digital devices interact. Traditionally, we used to rely on a keyboard, mouse and monitor or screen to make input and to know output in these devices. This method of communication and conversation has changed with the advent of Artificial Intelligence. An interesting change has come in our interaction with virtual assistants, for whom Hindi is no longer unknown at all. Today, the world of computers and mobiles is dominated by four virtual assistants. These are Amazon’s  Alexa, Google’s Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. The first three of these virtual assistants have been introduced to Hindi in some way, while Hindi has been used with Apple’s Siri and it is expected that this relationship will soon be seen as a reality beyond experiments.

Google Assistant: Google Assistant is now able to execute dozens of instructions in Hindi and can go much further than searching the Internet or answering questions. For example, it also has the ability to access many other Google applications. You can do it with text as well as for instructions through sound. If you have converted it into a smart home using the Internet of Things in your home, then it can control many things in the house. If Google Assistant is not present in your smartphone, then download it from Play Store. After installing you have to make two settings. First, activate voice input in Hindi on your Android phone and second, go to Settings and add Hindi in search language as well. Google Assistant is not only available in Android smartphones, but it works in many devices controlled by Android.

Cortana:  Microsoft’s Cortana also helps you as an application. It is available in Windows 10. It is also able to access your computer like other virtual assistants. Able to open applications, software etc. within it. It can also do typing for you and do an internet search and all kinds of calculations. Although Hindi support in Cortona is limited, it does have the ability to translate, write, and speak Hindi.

Amazon’s Alexa: Alexa is a hardware tool capable of communicating in Hindi that comes in two forms. The first smart speaker is the Amazon Echo and the second is the combined Echo Show with a display screen. The way the user communicates with both is the same. You give him some spoken instructions and Alexa follows up what you said. It can fetch you anything from the Internet, you can listen to the news and music on your request. For video calling also you can use its display version.