Humanity against terrorism!…

A few days back I watched a movie named “Hotel Mumbai”. It was about the 26/11 terrorist attacks. It portrayed it well how it happened and how Indian forces fought to keep the people safe. Over 1700 people were rescued in the operation and 100 lost their lives out of which 17 were hotel employees who sacrificed their lives to keep guests safe. It showed the terrorists taking orders on the phone and their handler in the neighbouring country controlling the situation watching Indian news.
It made me wonder how is this possible, how they can reach in without getting caught. The terrorists were late teenagers who were sent after brainwashing them in the name of god. We hear such incidents every year and in every part of the world. Some people connect terrorism to a particular religion. But it cannot be true. Terrorism has no religion. No religion teaches to kill innocent people. But yes few evil minds use religion as a weapon to brainwash youths. Our nation has always been an example in front of the world. We showed the world even if our religions are different, still, we live together happily.
Every nation has both good and bad kind of people. It’s always the battle of good against the evil. Thousands of soldiers around the world get killed because of terrorism. Terrorism is a parasite who’s sucking humanity out of the world. These terrorists are not always foreign invaders. The fact is they can’t plan an attack without internal support.
Now someone will say we can end it. If will kill all the terrorists around the globe, we can kill terrorism. But killing all the terrorists will help? It will help to a larger extent but it won’t eradicate terrorism. If you kill one, his son will take over and carry out terrorist activities. It’s all about the mindset. Everyone should feel the need for peace. Right from the school-age, we need to bombard students that picking up a weapon will not help at all. Peace is the ultimate truth. If we fall for such traps, we will end up destroying ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that we are humans and there is a thing called humanity. As a human, it’s our major duty to keep humanity alive.

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