What is happening in Palestine?

In the beginning of holy month of Ramadan on 13th of April the Israeli security forces installed metal barriers outside the Damascus Gate not allowing access of Palestinians in the area. Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims where they fast, pray, donate and go to pilgrimages.

The conflict kept rising between them starting from May 7th to May 10th. Clashes took place in the Eastern Jerusalem region. The Israeli forces stormed Al Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem. Al Aqsa Mosque is the third most holiest pilgrim place for Muslims around the world. The Israeli security forces used tear gas while people were in the middle of their prayer. There was a video that went viral on the internet that showed that the Israeli forces were dropping tear gas on them in the middle of their prayer. They used stun grenades and rubber tipped bullets on the worshippers. More than 900 hundred Gazans have being injured 31 of them being children since the day of attack. This took place during the final week of Ramadan. Since the evening of May 10th around 250 rockets were launched from Gaza which a city in Palestine into the Israel territories.

Social media platforms are deleting certain posts showing the footage of the violence taking place in Palestine. Freedom of Speech and Right to Information and Mass Media is a fundamental right of every citizen and that is being taken away too. People are scared for their lives. “We felt like we were in a horror movie,” said a local resident Salwa Al-Attar, who escaped the bombardment with her family. “The planes were above us, and the tanks and navy were bombing – and we could not move. The children, women and men were screaming.” This statement is from a BBC news article.
On Friday, May 14th which is yesterday seven Palestinians were killed after Israel launched an airstrike on a house in Gaza City. On Saturday May 15th, Israeli airstrike destroyed a high rise building Al Jalzeera and The Associated Press and other media offices in the Gaza Strip. The airstrike happened an hour after the Israeli military ordered people to evacuate the building. The building had The Associated Press, Al Jazeera and a number of offices. Israeli air strike in Gaza city today killed at least 10 Palestinians majority being women and children.

As each moment passes by the Palestinians are scared and living in terror. They are living with the fear of losing their loved ones. We should post about it, tweet and share it on our stories to spread the awareness and amplify to stand in support of the suppressed. It is the least we can do in the middle of this pandemic that has already cost so many lives.

We can see the unity amongst different countries as they unite and stand together. 100,000s of people were seen in London marching for peace between the two. There are over 70 protests in support of Palestinians across UK, USA, Japan and Jordan. You don’t have to be a Muslim or belong to Palestine to be in support of them it is merely for the sake of humanity.