Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) and Harvard Business School (HBS) are two extremely famous management institutions among students seeking admission in management courses in foreign universities. Both are ranked among the top B-schools across the globe providing various opportunities in the field of management.

Let’s have a brief overview of the two.

INSEAD is a private university having campuses in France, Singapore and Dubai. It offers masters programs, doctoral programs, certificate program and executive education programs such as open programs, online programs etc.

HBS is a branch of Harvard University situated in Boston, Massachusetts. Apart from a two year MBA programs it offers doctoral programs, executive education programs and online certificate courses.

Considering the following points of difference one can decide upon a suitable option:

>Duration of MBA

INSEAD– It offers a 10 months MBA program. Admissions are made in two cycles in the month of January (which comes along a month summer break) and September.

HBS– It offers a full time two-year MBA program.

>GMAT score

INSEAD– Approximately 80% i.e. a score of 670-750 out of 800 is mandatory for admission and has one of the highest admissions acceptance rate.

HBS– 90% i.e. a score of 724 out of 800 is mandatory for admission. Selection process is way too selective compared to other B-schools making the admission acceptance rate low.

>Cost of MBA

INSEAD– The annual fees of a typical MBA program is 106,505 USD.

HBS– The annual charge is around 111,542 to 155,300 USD.

>Geographic diversity

INSEAD– The campuses of INSEAD are present across Europe, Asia, Middle East, and North America which brings in students of diverse backgrounds.

HBS– Since the institute is based in the USA the majority students are Americans.


INSEAD-Two types of scholarships are provided: (a) Need-based i.e. financial needs and (b) Non need based i.e. based on merit, gender, profession, background

HBS– Need based scholarships, fellowships and student loans are available.


INSEAD– Paid summer internships are available with salary around 300-15000 USD.

HBS– Paid internships of around 800 USD are available.

>Campus exchange

INSEAD– INSEAD has a widespread network making campus exchange convenient.

HBS– HBS has its only campus situated in Boston.


INSEAD– 300+ recruiters

HBS– over 600 recruiters

>Base salary

INSEAD– Average salary offered is 105,900 USD.

HBS– Average salary offered is 150,000 USD.

>Career opportunities

INSEAD– Having global network especially across Europe and Asia INSEAD provides greater opportunities and exposure.

HBS– Job opportunities are more concentrated in the USA which makes it ideal for those seeking settlement in the USA.