Room Decor

Room Decor

The room is a place where we spend our maximum time and get ourselves chilled and relaxed. We eat, sleep, watch movies or call our friends. The reason is that the room gives a homely vibe and what if it is simple and boring. No, a big no.

Remember when we move out for any trip, tour, or any place The beautiful rooms of the resort wins our eyes, but what if I say you can add the same vibe to your room and start feeling the same way how we feel in beautiful places we visit.

A room is an individual’s personal space that deserves to be treated with care and decorated with love.

As an Indian child, I myself always desired to get myself a personal room but never got one. So hey if you don’t really have your personal space, don’t panic either start decorating your home. It may be your living room, kitchen, garden, or balcony, and even bedroom. Timely you will get your own room too (in case you don’t belong to a joint family).

Starting from the very basic the first question that comes to our mind is that how do we start. It is simple and I promise to get and make things as easy as possible. Below mentioned are some of the points that you start with:-

Basics of Room Decor:

  1. Maintain cleanliness

This is a very basic and 1st step to get started. If you don’t even manage to clean your space, decorating it makes no sense. Clean your almirah, mirror, and wardrobe where you keep all of your things. Manage to arrange your books. Many times books take huge space. Sort things and only keep if it is necessary. All the unnecessary books and things should be either given to any needy or if possible sell them out.


  1. Get good paint done along with beautiful curtains

According to many professional graphic designers, the color of the walls with the correct combination is in itself a vibe.  I could make you illustrate this. Try to sit in a room full of red color, how would you feel? You will feel sharpness in your eyes. Now sit in a room of light blue or green color, you will feel calm, soothing, and relaxing. This is the power of colors. I don’t say don’t use red or any high-intensity color what I am trying to explain is coloring your space with your vibe that makes you comfortable.

Add beautiful and lightweight curtains. If you ask me I would suggest buying white curtains which match the whole vibe and suit any wall color shade.


  1. Use string lights

You may have seen many people decorate their Rooms using string lights and this genuinely makes the beauty of the room different way. Try this out. Lit the light when it’s night, string lights will work as a night bulb giving you beautiful looking too. You can also switch lights when you are partying with your friends.

  1. Diffuser

So If you don’t know what a diffuser is and how it works I will help you through it. A diffuser is a metallic object which works in the same way how incense sticks work in our homes providing a nice aroma. You can get your diffuser in any online store like Amazon at a very affordable price and you can get it for 200-500 rupees.


Hope these all basic points will help you to start decorating your room but yes I would still recommend keeping your room clean as it is the very first rule towards getting a beautiful looking room and then you can start decorating it.

Go ahead!

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