The secret to curing much faster from Corona

The secret to curing much faster from Corona

Corona disease has adversely affected the life of everyone in some or another way. The government, police, doctors are contributing to saving the lives of corona sufferers. It is rightly said that Doctors are the second God to give life and proudly we all can say and should find reasons to always uplift them with our appreciation. All of us care about just two things. The first is earning and the second is getting good health and secure life. And what if it is a matter of giving up your life, in no way we all would agree on giving life to someone you don’t know and either save their life. And doctors are one of them who are working all day curing several covid patients. It is almost more than a year since the pandemic and still, we are finding ways to defeat coronavirus.

Ways to cure yourself of corona disease:

  1. Drink warm water:

Avoid having cold water directly from the fridge, either prefer to drink warm water throughout the day and practice to have it on daily basis. Not only corona patients should drink warm water but also other members of your family too. The reason is that viruses can be easily killed by consuming warm water as it is proven to kill viruses and doesn’t allow viruses to enter the body.


  1. Kadha:

Let me tell you this is the best remedy which anyone can have and make using some easy steps.

Step 1: Boil water

Step 2: Add some cloves

Step 3: Add Black pepper

Step 4: Add a pinch of turmeric powder

Step 4:  Add Tulsi leaves

Step 5: Add a pinch of black salt

Boil all ingredients for about 5 minutes and serve them hot to the patient suffering from the disease.


  1. Exercise regularly:

Practice exercising regularly along with yogasana, pranayama, and meditation for at least 30 minutes a day. This would not only make the immune system stronger but along with will make you feel fresh and better together giving the inner positivity.


  1. Consume Hot food

Try to add hot ingredients in the food that can keep the body warm from the inside.

This can be done by adding spices like turmeric, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander are recommended in cooking


  1. Isolation:

This is not a much-needed point, but yes an alert to alert yourself and isolate as soon as possible after you find any symptoms or change in the body according to the guidelines provided for the detection of covid. Do not step out in any other room or outside your home.

Patients under home isolation will stand discharged and end isolation after at least 10 days have passed from the onset of symptoms (or from date of sampling for asymptomatic cases) and no fever for 3 days. There is no need for testing after the home isolation period is over.


  1. Maintain hygiene:
  • Take bath twice daily.
  • Ensure you brush your teeth, clean your tongue and clean the used brush and other things well enough to use on the next day.
  • Ensure you change your clothes strictly and wash them and allow them to dry in presence of sunlight to get viruses killed.
  • Separate your utensils with others and also wash them separately.
  • Also ensure that you keep on washing your toothbrush daily, as your mouth already has a virus inside. Therefore cleaning your toothbrush will make you riskless.
  • Always keep your mask on, if you go out of your room this will ensure that your family should stay away from the virus you are infected


Most importantly be happy, don’t stress out yourself. Read a book you like or invest your time in what you like doing much. Watch your favorite show and call people you like talking too and you will surely get better soon.

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