Future of work

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Future of work

As we all are aware with the pandemic COVID-19 which in each sense has changed the lives of people, especially students who are really now more concerned about what to opt after they complete their 12th class, there are several questions which may be arriving in an individual mind all related to having a perfect living for future, there must be many doubts related to what to choose, which branch to opt? and many more.  As it becomes crystal clear that quality education is essential for rethinking the future of work. Then How to proceed?


So basically how a student should link the future of work concerning having a better life considering the present scenario. With no doubt, there are many jobs which are gonna get affected, cause every job can not be replaced from physical labor to online mode, as an example which can make this point clear is Social Workers, they need to always go out for the welfare of society and treat people, sitting just at home is not gonna help them do their task. But concerning jobs related to technology, online way to work, and especially Work from home will truly get its feet stronger in the world.

Students don’t just need to be the future – they need to be part of the present.

A student generally lacks this practical knowledge in the school, it is in no doubt shameful that Schools generally focus on gaining more scores than practically implementing it.


There occurred many surveys asking students about what their school taught them, and around 78% of students say that they were taught to score good marks and gain teacher’s appreciation, they say that teachers should encourage in what students are good at.

and when students didn’t get these things in their high school they run after taking dummy from the school and read on their own and they more prefer an online course and Youtube channels present which try to complete all the doubts which they generally can not ask from their teachers.

The future of work will totally change, the student now had to be more concerned about what new skill do they need to work on.


It is time to get that in our minds the less physical labor the better, it is because industries will now more focus on technology and Artificial intelligence, as almost everywhere whether it is about factories, Industries, marketing, delivery, etc, all are more focused on how a Robot can perform these all activities without the need of any human. Amazon too had launched its first home delivery by using AI, so it is obvious that people now require employees who can make machines into existence and function them. Talking about the medical field, making medicines, packing of goods to be transferred, mixing of products, everywhere technology and online mode is making a big space that will continue for years.


Now concerning for the future of the student, what basically he/she should opt for getting a perfect living. there are some which here are enlisted on what you should now more focus on.

Students should more focus on sales and tech jobs. That means one of the best ways to future-proof your career is to strengthen your soft skills.

You can concentrate on social media marketing, you can opt for web development and can earn, Geek learners is a better option as a beginner to start working with involving platforms like Freelancing, which is an online platform where you need to work from home and complete the given task in the given time and can earn a good amount but be aware that amount will be based on the skills you have.

Focus on the skills, there are many platforms you need to master according to your interest be attentive to the programming skills you can gain, data entry and data science is totally most demanding job always required and will be, focus on your typing skills, AI methods, online debates, online marketing, online teaching and lot more.

Twelve jobs have a 99% chance of being automated, according to OXFORD.


  1. Data Entry Keyers
  2. Library Technicians
  3. New Accounts Clerks
  4. Photographic Process Workers & Processing Machine Operators
  5. Tax Preparers
  6. Cargo and Freight Agents
  7. Watch Repairers
  8. Insurance Underwriters
  9. Mathematical Technicians
  10. Hand Sewers
  11. Title Examiners
  12. Abstractors Searchers and Telemarketers.

just you need to focus on your interest and then it is on you what skills are involved according to your interest,

In the end, it is highly recommended

It is really a skill change, as opposed to the removal of the job.


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