Diary writing


 Diary writing

Hello, readers hope you are doing well.

I am here to take you through the journey of diary writing from the very beginning to the end.

I have myself involved in diary writing and it’s been 2 years since I started and I have no reason to lie and share with you that how it genuinely changed my life and how I started improving.

We will cover the following points:

  1. What is diary writing
  2. Benefits of diary writing
  3. Tips for writing


What is Diary writing?

Diary writing

Diary writing is expressing your feeling or writing your experience regarded any activity you did. Experience may be about the work you will want to do or expressing what happened on any trip or what new you learned or anything that will help you in the future.


Benefit for writing Diary

There are 100’s of reasons to start maintain your diary. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Help you remember important calls, meetings & activities: The best benefit includes that keeping a record of all important meetings or calls will make your life easy and by this, you can never be delayed to any work. This can be done by scheduling a date on a new page of the diary every day and mentioning important meetings, activities, work, etc.

Scheduling important dates will help you to keep track of incoming tasks to be done in the future without any delay.

2.  Keeps track of your health:

Maintain a record of your health issues:

  • Sugar level
  • Blood pressure level (low or high)
  • Periods date (females)

Or keep a record of any other medical issue you have. This would help you to improve constantly and consult a doctor based on the record you maintain.

3.  Set and achieve the goal:

Note the date daily and under it mention all the tasks to be completed on the date after you achieve, don’t forget to prioritize the task which needs to be done before what.

For example: if you are going for a job and after your timing, you have extra works from the market then you can schedule tasks like

Buying milk, groceries (you can mention grocery list to buy). Mention all the tasks in the small diary that will remind you about things you need to buy.

After you achieve the task successfully, tick the right symbol or either cut the work you complete. At the end of the day when you are ready to go to bed just have a look at the diary to keep a check whether you accomplished all the tasks in a priority manner.


Tips for maintaining Diary

  1. Mention the date you are writing on.
  2. Keep a record of important events (meeting, activities, or call)
  3. Manage your Diary weekly, checking where you lacked and what you improved.
  4. Write your experience on any trip, tour, or visit (may help you for future outgoings)
  5. Record of contact details of your close friends and family will help you in case you lose your phone and couldn’t contact when you need.
  6. Use paper clips, bookmarks while writing a diary, making this habit is good to attain.


Remember to maintain a neat and clear diary consistently. This will help you to improve yourself. Don’t just write and forget.

Write, Revise and Repeat.

Most important is Revising. If you don’t revise what you have written then how can you accomplish or succeed? It’s all on you how do you want things to happen. Revising what you have written can make sure that how much are you following what is been written.

Just follow all the discussed points above and get started with your diary

All the best!


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