Best Job Opportunities during Covid-19

It is easily understood that how Covid-19 has actually and adversely affected financially which genuinely turned thousands of people Jobless during the pandemic. This is no new to accept that crisis has taken over a complete year, which affected poor lives but middle-class people have in every manner badly affected.

But all these don’t matter, Ah! It has become a habit to talk on the same topic nut still couldn’t help our minds enough. The serious issue is being Jobless, the agreeable part is that most of the jobs can be done both online and offline but not all. Some of the Jobs can never be placed with an online medium like selling in a store, construction work, painting, seller, and whatnot. But wait Did I say that these can never be done in any way. No these all can be done with the potential we all used to do with. Below here are some of the ways you can earn online savings and concerns about you and your family.

Laptop work

Ways to earn Online

  1. Web designing:

This can turn boom in your life if you like coding and have a basic understanding of how things work, honestly, there are 100’s of tutorials available on the internet and Youtube which are helping millions of candidates to uplift their web designing skills. Just a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will give you a good start.


  1. Blogging:

Now, this is a bonus skill that doesn’t need too much experience but requires a basic understanding of how it was always taught by our English teacher to write an essay, article, paragraph or maybe report writing. If you think you have enough knowledge about any topic you like just start writing on it. You can start with forming a collection of articles and your content creations on your PC learning basic concepts and keep revising topics and reading more about the topic you are interested in. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to create a website, there are multiple free online websites that are helping beginner bloggers to get started with their website and start sharing content. Some of the online portals are Blogspot and WordPress having multiple options to add your desired image, change font style font size, make bold or add several headings and subheading in the easy language it is like a text editor like MS Word.

Thousand’s of blogs are registered daily which can also turn into a good source of income. A part-time blogger, who spends four to five hours a day can earn anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 in a month while a full-time blogger earns close to Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 in a month. So what are you waiting for, start showcasing your writing skills and earn a decent salary on regular basis?


  1. Freelancing:

So if you are an engineering aspirant this is obvious to know an=bout freelancing. But worry not if you have no idea about what includes that.

Freelancing is an online site in which several small and big businesses are helping young and enthusiastic people to hire them in the field they are interested in. There are multiple jobs like graphic, web designing, web applications, business development, content writing, and many more. We all work to either gain experience which will help us to get a good job or either we work to earn on regular basis. Freelancing pays the candidate with the work he/she does giving experience and a good understanding of how things work.


  1. Vlogging:

Capturing something on camera is always fun and when it is about earning, then what else could be better. Youtube is a well-known worldwide famous application where we can regularly post videos on the topic we are best at, it may be cooking, blogging such as travel vlogs, food vlogs, fashion vlogs, or maybe art craft, dance, music, and the list goes on. And if still, you are not better with these skills, you can definitely start being a teacher in the stream you are. Vlogging is quite fun to learn, the only thing is it needs posting consistent content and much hard work which already is obvious.


  1. Social media management:

Trust me this seems easy and which actually is. As a beginner having no prior experience at any other skills you can always move towards social media management. Understanding the basic idea about it. The work of the social media manager is to handle the social accounts and advertise the company you are working at. The work is to regularly share content via various social networks where maximum crowd spend their hours, these include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You may be asked to post stories, advertise them, post articles and info. On Facebook via reels or as an Instagram post. This can be a good opportunity to gain some marketing skills too.

Happily, these all ways are can turn prominent about having a secondary income stream.

If we discuss various earning fields then there are thousands of things to be listed, but necessarily the basic which can be started by anyone new can start with anyone mentioned above.