Many people will walk around and talk about being depressed. Truly in every way, this is the most prominent topic to talk about.

What is depression?

Depression is not a disease in a person well it is a general emotion that comes when you have a lot of suffering inside. Not gaining what you always wanted to have, or put all the effort and unable to accept the failure, maybe because a group of people made you feel that this work isn’t made for you or you are not capable of the same. These are just some examples but other than this there is a lot more to talk about on its topic. There are probably 100s of reasons favoring the cause of Depression.

Death note

Personally taking my view into consideration. I find that keeping something that had happened maybe a failure or lost someone very close to you, makes you depressed.

But pals there exist no way in which you hide things and keep that up to you and be fine the next day.

NO!! If you are feeling bad about something, it can be about anything. Remember to talk to people, share your issue whatever is bothering you from inside, or anything making you stop from doing anything.

There are many medical prescriptions and necessary treatments for this but till the time you don’t talk about the issue depression phase can’t be recovered. Answer in each way is a big NO. Just share your issue with anyone who is close to you or someone who really understands and is a good listener. Just speak out other than keeping it.

Maybe the issue would be really scary or something personal (taking into consideration). It may be about being tortured or Someone continuously blaming you for any past event that occurred.



  1. Consult a counselor
  2. Talk to your close friends
  3. Read a book
  4. Go on a trip
  5. Avoid being alone
  6. Avoid taking sleeping pills or overdosage any medicine

It is totally admitted that being very honest in the 21st century isn’t fortunate for you. There exist an infinite number of people who will betray you, disobey you, bully you, torture you to do something against your will.

Forcing someone without knowing his/her will is terribly insane thought an individual can have. It is like living in a society when the nation didn’t get its freedom. It’s a very cruel thought.  Each one has got all rights to decide what he/she wants to do. And forcing them without their will is truly unsupportive by society. Maybe society may judge you, but you need not stop okay!!

Whatever is blowing your head talk about it. If you still do not find anyone to talk with there are many counselors who will help you to get rid of the trouble. The quality of a counselor is that they are good listeners and will totally understand what you really want and will give all possible ways you can solve it. You can easily find counselors on different web portals on Google.

It is highly recommended that stay away from the people who make you feel that level bad and just make a distance. Stay surrounded by people who are really positive and understand you and who don’t put you in trouble.

Just be happy every problem has a solution there exists nothing which can’t be understood. Think about it twice. Do not take any bad decision of ruining a life, giving up, or anything. Everyone has got the potential to defeat every failure. Stand up and prove to those assholes that you can do everything.

Stay Alert! Stay confident! and Never stop Good luck!!


Stay positive even if it feels like your life is falling apart







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