TV as medium of mass education

One of the most important addition in the electronic world is TV. With the advent of TV, man’s scope of learning has increased to a great extent.

It helps to keep an eye on everything from a distance. It is an important medium of advertisement in addition to the recreation it provides for the young and old alike. Drama, cinema and many important events are screened on it. Important sports events are screened on TV. In fact, TV has brought the whole inside room.

It has a vital role to play as a medium of mass education. Audio-visual system of education has become possible only after the advent of TV. It teaches thousands of students at a time with lessons projected on TV screens. Sportsmen can be taught how to improve their performances by modern training schedule through videos. Farmers can be taught to produce more by proper utilisation of modern scientific processes as advised by experts on TV. Even housewives in the rural areas can learn about first aid, family planning and so many other things in their leisure hours. The quiz programmes are always informative and interesting.

TV can educate people and make them aware of the various national and international problems. Thus, TV can educate the mass and help in national development and reconstruction, besides providing entertainment to all.

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