The fall in Covid positivity rate of New Delhi, below 5 percent since April

There’s a drop in the number of active cases in   Delhi also, now counting to below 36,000 the lowest since April 4. In the past 24 hours, the capital of India, New Delhi has recorded 252 deaths and 3009 new active cases with less than 4.76 percent positivity rate. It has fallen for the first time below 5 percent.


The ares with below 5 percent Covid positivity rate are declared to be  safe zones by The World Health Organization(WHO) which now leads to add on pressure now to lift the lockdown in the places of New Delhi. Medical advisors have stated that the lockdown is the primary factor behind the decrease in everyday cases amidst the pandemic second wave, says PTI report.


The record of everyday cases was also been the lowest since the month of April and this is the third consecutive day when the daily new cases record has remained below 4000. A drop below 36,000 at 35,683 in the number of active cases, the death rate is at 1.62 percent while the recovery rate of city stands at 95.85 percent. Since the outbreak of first and second waves in early 2020, the city has recorded 14,12,959 covid active cases and 22,831 deaths till now.