Education in post-covid era

  The subject of online education is contentious in the present scenario when the world is fighting with a disastrous pandemic. Education is always seen as a necessity for everyone as it forms the basis for human capital formation which aids in development process of the nations. India being a country of 1.35 million people with more than 50 percent of population below 25 years of age represents a huge potential for education sector. The disastrous situation currently being faced by the world has made everyone to rethink the modes in which education can be imparted to the students. In the long run the practice of online learning will increase.  

From a long time, online learning platforms were always seen with a sense of castigation. Transition from traditional Gurukul system to university education took almost several thousand years. Now the new way of learning through online platforms is on surge due to the present pandemic. Schools and universities are continuously making efforts to mitigate the loss caused to students due to closing of schools during this pandemic. Investment in education market is increasing day by day with online platforms leading this surge.   

This new way of learning things virtually has made students techsavy and dynamic. Students can access the videos anywhere anytime as per their preference.  At the same time it reduces your travel time and efforts. We can devote our time to something different maybe some skill development course or enhancing our hobbies which seem difficult in times of classroom learning. Experts from different fields can teach students more effectively as they can get connected virtually. It is an economical option as it reduces travelling expenditure and universities can spend that amount somewhere else  

Experts have argued on this new method of learning as it is not that effective. Students may not able to get conceptual clarity and it would be difficult for them to clear their doubts. Struggling on the particular subject by themselves would lead to fall in their interest in it. This method would require sheer commitment and dedication from students and their willingness to watch the videos and get in touch with their teachers. This might be beneficial only for those who truly want to learn and enhance their knowledge base. Learning without taking any efforts will make the learners lazy and Indisciplined. Apart from its demerits if we look at this approach it is far more beneficial than it seems. Hence in the ever-changing world where nothing is stable online learning can be the substitute.


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