Why are people so excited about the friends reunion

‘I will be there for you’ friends theme song plays on my head ever since I have watched the show. I can never get tired from listening to the masterpiece the song it gives a a whole vibe of positivity,and can you guys imagine the fact that if just the song makes me feel that way then what about the show? The show is simply the best comforting show ever period. The name friends has been kept to indicate the friendship between the character of the show and it shows it brilliantly with an addition laughter,fun,love,romance and suspense.

But the name friends is not only about the characters relationship for me ,for me it’s a show I can rely upon when I really need a funny friend who would make me feel happy and make me forget ally tensions and problems,its a show which never bores me and the fact that its last episode aired seventeen years back that is even before I was born the show aired , I can only imagine what changes it brought in the world. A show that has been running its old episodes successfully for these many years has surely got a lot of laughter and fun excitement, romance nad most importantly comforting vibes in it. As an audience what more can we ask for?

Me being a kid of the twenty first century can not ask for a better gift than the fact that I can witness the friends reunion. They are not recording any episodes it just an interview which shows us how the show has impacted their lives and how their lives have changed after the show ended. There is a huge time lap and saying so I mean the jokes my mum laughed at when she was my age is very different from the jokes I laugh at but this show certainly proves it wrong that you cant laugh along with your parents at some joke. The originality of each and every dialogue and the spark and passion of friendship between the characters makes us all want to have friends like that in real life as well.

The fact that those characters are real life friends makes me and the fans love the show so much more than ever.

Friends is simply a masterpiece not only the main characters the supporting characters have a weird , messy ,and creative charm in the way they speak ,dress and behave . The show is very well scripted undoubtedly.

And I cant be more excited to see  Jennifer Aniston as. Rachel Green ,Courteney Cox as. Monica Geller. Lisa Kudrow as. Phoebe Buffay. Matt LeBlanc as. Joey Tribbiani. Matthew Perry as. Chandler Bing. David Schwimmer as. Ross Geller, Back on the show even though it wont telecast in india we indian fans are more excited than ever and will certainly watch it later, the excitement that I have while writing about this piece is next level and I hope you guys are as excited as me for witnessing the reunion of a lifetime.

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