When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond.

We all face challenges, tough times at some point of life but this time we all are undergoing with a common difficulty-“THE PANDEMIC”. It’s very true that we cannot change the direction of wind but definitely we can adjust our sails to reach our destination. Though this pandemic has triggered tremendous anxiety and sadness all over the map, we must not forget that troubles are our hidden teachers who come into our life to make us meaningful.

If we see our troubles and miseries with an eye of optimism we can realize that these are great opportunities to strengthen us from within, chances for our better version of life as optimistic attitude can never fail even after a massive failure. It always encourages the very person to think unquestionably that it is the path to achieve something more higher than never before

Shadows( tough times) are the evidences that we are standing in light. The determined effort to cultivate optimism will surely improve the quality of life, ensure happiness and success because with the optimistic attitude we can generate innovative ideas and create various possibilities to move forward faster. That’s why I strongly believe that optimistic way looking at the situation is as equally important as the most demanding oxygen cylinders.

The more we feed positive thoughts in our mind and around we can magnetize peace and happiness back so let’s train our mind in such a manner that we can see opportunity no matter how the hard the situation might seem for now. Winston churchill, the Prime Minister of Britain shouted with the sense of positivity at the time of 2nd world war with the saying “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity whereas an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”


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