Women claim she has been kidnapped 52 times by aliens

Women claim she has been kidnapped 52 times by aliens

Aliens have always been an interesting topic all over the world. Getting to know about other planets and the existence of weird-looking creatures having different appearances and capabilities. Many news has also reported that they have better technologies and that is the reason we don’t really can guess what are they? We have heard about 100’s of rumors about the existence of aliens. Some people say they have seen aliens, some say they met them and some explain that they have seen alien’s footprints. Well discussing all this and guessing how much are these rumors true is not our cup of tea but yes what if these rumors are true? Do we believe them?

For years this rumor remained doubtful and an interesting topic.

This is an article about Paula Smith from London who proved the existence of aliens and the story behind how she saw them, what was different in them from us and many such queries.

Who is Paula smith?

Paula is a 50-year-old woman from Bradford region London who was born in the year 1976. She claims that she had been kidnapped by aliens about 52 times. She was first kidnapped in 1982 when she was a 6-year-old little girl. She described how aliens used to take her through UFO and used to show Paula their technologies which are far more different from what we have presently. She told that their technologies and the devices they use are way more advanced than ours. Paula said that she has seen mobile phones which they use and which were invented before our technology didn’t even found. Paula presently a grandmother of two and now she finds the right time to tell everyone about it.

What do Paula’s parents say about aliens?

Paula’s parents agree to the fact that from childhood Paula remained missing for about 5-6 hours and it was all because aliens used to take her in UFO in that interval.

She said that during the interval of 5-6 hours, she remained in the UFO.

Does society believe Paula?

No, nobody believed her and even society started calling her that she has become mentally ill. To make them trust Paula made a sketch on paper of how aliens look, she showed a blackish sign present on her hand and explained to people that this bruise was made by aliens on her skin. Paula has faith that many people have experienced this and appealed to them to join her and share everything about it and make people trust that aliens do exist and she is not alone to experience all this. She says that people don’t come and tell about what happened to them out of fever which is weird and they should definitely come and share the world.

paula with her mark and picture she drew

Experience of Paula’s UFO journey

She described that she has been kidnapped 52 times and no alert or warning was given to her and was always kidnapped all of a sudden. She always took that in a common way or otherwise she would have gone mad. She was taken in the UFO where she was shown with their latest technologies which we still don’t have. She also told that aliens have the capability to change the color of the sky and the river which they showed to her. Aliens also showed her a slideshow that was more like a film described that how the earth is coming to end due to human temptations.

Scientists still keep on checking the signals of the areas of how UFO used to enter the earth’s space. We still have many doubts in our mind that where do they come from, which planet do they belong to? And it remains a big confusion for many.

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