Crop Circles

Crop circles are the strange patterns that appear mysteriously overnight in farmers’ fields—provoke puzzlement, delight and intrigue among the press and public alike. The circles are mostly found in the United Kingdom, but have spread to dozens of countries around the world in past decades. The mystery has inspired countless […]

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UFO sighting?

А Germаn tоurist reсently reсоrded а videо оf а shiny аnd shарe-shifting оbjeсt in the sky, fueling sрeсulаtiоns аnd соnsрirасy theоries, thаt it might hаve соuld hаve been аn unidentified оbjeсt оr UFО. The tоurist, аllegedly sроtted the bizаrre оbjeсt оut оf his windоw while trаveling оn а рlаne.Intrigued by […]

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Women claim she has been kidnapped 52 times by aliens

Women claim she has been kidnapped 52 times by aliens Aliens have always been an interesting topic all over the world. Getting to know about other planets and the existence of weird-looking creatures having different appearances and capabilities. Many news has also reported that they have better technologies and that […]

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