What is Hostel life | 8 Reasons Why Hostel Life is Best

The life of the hostel is different from life at home.

Before getting into hostel life stuff, let’s get into that what actually is Hostel Life.


Hostel life is where an individual (mainly students) from different regions, having different culture, with a different way of living, and also mainly with different experiences comes together and live, it can be having an individual room or living while sharing your room which may differ having 2, 3,4, or more together in one room.


                            My Hostel Life Experience

My hostel life started from KOTA, exactly the hub of IIT-JEE and MEDICAL, it is obvious heaven getting full freedom and privacy, no one judge you what you do ( as all are just concern about their studies and future), no one asks you where you go and what you do, you started doing what you like, make friends to whom you actually want to talk to, spend money and eat whatever you like with no restrictions (as generally, your parents used to stop you from doing). You sleep when you want to, your choice whether to become an early riser or a night owl (oh! yes it depends on you) apart from this being alone in a new city surrounded with different people, it is obvious to take care of you, having a balanced and a healthy diet, choice of friends should also be done carefully as for me personally KOTA was full of strangers and people smarter than me(as being a new person), with the experience I got with friends who were thieves, some indulged in shitty relationship stuff and with no concern of future, some people were involved in intoxication (drinks, smoke, consuming hookah or cigarettes), but anyways being with everyone it’s your decision to do, and think what is better for you without concerning what others do. Now me being an engineering student in Indore, I live in my hostel, yes it’s probably a Lil different from hostel life in Kota but anyways hostel life is hostel life no matter where you go, only new faces changed, this time I was experienced as I just completed one of my hostel journey in previous years. But I must say at present I’m in love with this life, living for my future, working for it, your routine, your lifestyle and yes in love with myself. I didn’t know the way how I look myself now that’s what I always mention love yourself, so moving apart(haha!! my inner soul speaks too much). People are familiar and with no doubt are honest and lovable souls. We sleep late at nights completing our test syllabus with one-night preparation, making coffee for each other, in colds we used to just go to the terrace and sit so that we can be far from our beds and make our mindset not sleep, and just study cause the next day is the exam, for keeping awake, we start singing and telling past stories of each other experiences till late hours and suddenly after hours we realize that tomorrow is the exam, and we all laugh realizing what will happen the next day and during this gossip interval we forget about the coffee and at last it turns cold coffee and here battle starts that who is gonna heat the coffee.

8 Reasons Why Hostel Life is Best

  •  As you live with people with different backgrounds and cultures, as I am from M.P and went to Rajasthan so in the same way there were people from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Chandigarh, Punjab even students from different countries, it’s with no doubt an amazing experience living together and sharing thoughts.
  • The vibe of hostel life is really different, which in the end turns out to be a small family.
  • All together have their meals with their groups or individually, it was always the favorite thing for me having a meal with friends, what we used to do is we were a group of 3, we always took one Thaali and all food according to 3 of us and then sit down and eat lots and lots sharing what did happen all day to each other, in this way we always shared our experience.
  • Oh! yes, how can I forget about the hostel’s breakfast which generally is limited and surprisingly you find it so yummy and want an extra one and certainly you already know that in anyway warden or the cook is not gonna provide you with one more of the dish, and here I always used to remember my mum, but still in this time we used to make plans of how one of us will divert the warden from one side and then the other one will take the extra plate with extra sauce packets.
  • The Game nights were always my most favorite experience of hostel life, where you play many games getting all hostelers together, mainly we used to play truth and dare, and knowing the truths was really gossip material.
  • We used to become ghosts wearing a white dress, or bedsheets, making holes for eyes, applying dark lipstick and Kajal flowing all to your bottom of your eyes, making it sound horrible and then moving everywhere in hostel making ghost sounds, or hiding back of any door and get ready to make your friend jump out of fear and rush fast to your rooms as you can.
  • The Sunday special food was always an exciting thing of the hostel, how beautiful that feeling is when you wait all week for just having that one-day special food from all that boring food taken 6 days which included Dosa, idli-sambhar, uttapam, Daal-Pakwan, chole-Bhature, etc
  • The shakes in the summer season were awesome which included lassi, Thandai, orange juice, flavored juice, a cup of ice cream, etc(all depends on your hostel)


  1. Ahhhh!! The missing of home food, as it is for sure you can not get the home taste anywhere, in this case, you need to adjust anywhere living out from your home, either you need to cook yourself to get desired taste, or order food from restaurants, Dhabas, dominos, etc.
  2. Yes, the worst thing is ragging from your seniors or bullying from your own friends, teasing you saying you are too fat or too lean, giving you their works to do, laughing in groups, and the topic is on you, asking you to do their projects and works, which in all way waste your time too.
  3. Missing your home a lot cause phone calls do not complete all satisfaction.
  4. The major problem comes when there is no money left with you, and during that time you eagerly wait for your parents to come and fulfill all your demands (respect for mamma- papa who always neglect their requirements to complete ours)


Don’t worry pals, if you are gonna start with your HOSTEL LIFE, just keep these things in mind

  • Carry some extra money, in case you need it urgently, the best way will be to carry your ATM card.
  • Take some homemade Dry food items like Namkeen, dry fruits, Ladoos, pickle, some cloves, anise, some homemade spices (in case if you have an open kitchen or mess).
  • Don’t forget to carry a small Vessel with you to cook something in case if you need to make quick recipes any day you feel like maggie, bread, and milk & I’ll totally suggest you have a Coffee MUG 
  • Carry some regular Medicines which you use like for fever, cough-cold, headache, stomachache, etc.
  • collect all your basic things in one packet like your toothpaste, toothbrush, a mirror, face cream, body lotion, Sanitary napkins, and other Basic cosmetics you use.
  • Having an alarm clock is a good idea, you can carry iron to keep yourself look smart and proper.
  • Carry an extra pair of bed sheets, pillow cover, socks, a dusting cloth, basic tees, and your lowers.
  • Put all the Stationary all together like- scissor, glue, newspapers, cutter, stapler, sticky notes
  •  Also, a family photo that will always remind your loved ones.


Anyways there’s nothing to panic about just be confident, Be aware, Be safe and protective, be in a good friend circle and remember the above points, there’s a lot more to experience in life, we never know where one will live after getting into jobs, maybe in a foreign country, a different city or state,  But Remember to do something really big in your life you need to go out from your families, your loved ones and promise them that one day this step of being far from them will change their life into a good happening and there will be happy and prosperous among all,

All the best, wish you a happy journey in your Hostel life.

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