3 great ways AI will enrich our society

AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) is basically a computer program that is designed to automate processes that are generally to be done by humans. It is very closely related to Machine Learning which is a program that evolves itself with time. These are implemented from everyday mundane tasks such as showing daily news on your news app based on your previous likes and dislikes to show ads on YouTube or Google are targeted specifically to you based on your recent searches. This may look like a breach of privacy, but this is the world we live in.

This is just a small preview of what AI is capable of now. AI runs a lot of servers and computational things that humans are not physically capable of. In addition, AI-assisted software runs many necessary informational and logistical programs necessary for the running of our society. AI basically uses programming structures called neural networks which basically change and evolve with time to learn new things. It is even used in camera face recognition technology.

Whenever you open your phone using your face, the AI program in your phone can do that. It recognizes small things unique only to your face like the cheekbone structure, the width of your forehead, the breadth of your nose, the distance between your chin and lip, and so on to recognize it is you and then allows you to open the phone.

Now, the question which has taken over the pioneers in this field is whether AI can be given more autonomy in other sensitive fields like finance. AI can be evolved into such a program where it can be seen as a completely different human in and off of itself. A program that has attained consciousness, a program that can control any device linked to the internet. That is the future of AI. Here I will tell you 3 ways that it will be useful to us.

AI-assisted protocols in surgery and science ( Useful ):

In such places, AI will provide a useful tool to assist humans in surgery wherein a human hand cannot be steady enough to go through with the procedure. It can also help humans find patterns in medicine and molecules which are not perceivable by the human mind. Thus, it can help to develop medicine much beyond what is capable now. It can also help in fields of sciences in various ways, from developing complex algorithms for sorting data to giving the best possible course of action.

AI-Assisted decision-making processes:

Decision-making processes are prevalent in a lot of places. Knowingly or unknowingly, we make a lot of decisions every single day. It would be so much better if AI-assisted us in deciding to get only the best result out of it. Decision-making plays a vital role in finance, where the goal is to make a profit. Wrong decisions may ruin someone’s entire life in a matter of seconds. Hence, it would be very vital for those to make wise choices.

AI-assisted automation:

Automating many tasks won’t make them lose their jobs; it will only divert them elsewhere where it is more important. Diverting engineers from manufacturing cars to manufacturing delicate space parts would help humanity advance much farther in space technology. Space is the final frontier. Humanity is not destined to live on earth. Having AI assist us in our mundane day-to-day tasks, much of the human resources can be diverted towards making our society a space-age one.

Hence, when AI assists us in our day-to-day lives, it will drastically improve our quality of living. Society will evolve towards a utopic. AI-assisted technology and society are something to really look forward to.

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