The very familiar but not known to many: Chinavirus

The former US president Donald trump may be wrong about many things, however calling covid-19 as the “chinavirus” was not one of them. This pandemic has shattered the world, nearly 34.7 lakh people have already lost their lives, but the pandemic is relentless and unforgiving, with no intention of stopping the virus is spreading rapidly, hitting multiple times, causing waves of cases and deaths, rendering people jobless, hungry, suicidal, and in depression. Wherever it goes it stays and brings mass destruction along with it. Its goal? Global domination for a long time. With all these fearful idiosyncrasies of the virus, one must wonder who created it. Can a disease of this magnitude occur naturally? If so, then why didn’t the world face this pandemic a long time back? Is this the wrath of god or the doing of the devil?

The answer to this has been discovered. This is the doing of man. The “China virus” originated in a laboratory and the variants belong to it. A type of biological warfare, but done in the most perverse of ways, the sufferers being the entire world. This statement has been supported by a number of investigators and scientists, in much detail. China knew that the virus (which was not just SARS but a more deadly modification of it) had escaped from the lab and so, it closed down Wuhan to itself, but not the travel of international flights from Wuhan which carried suspected infected individuals. It has long tried to hide the fact that the virus was its own doing, and blamed it on bats and wet markets, which still continue to function as of today. When the rest of the world suffered, china profited from the helplessness of other countries and was healthy, back on its feet again. The unsettling part of china’s wet market claims is that if its so clear that the virus has originated from them, then why not let scientist of other countries investigate it at the proper time? Was china busy clearing up evidence from its labs? The WHO that supported China’s claims, itself seemed not to have been able to enter for a year.

There have been deflects from the chinavirus to the UK, South African and the Indian variants. These deflects and the continuous focus on the devastation the virus has been causing, has caused the point of origin of the virus seem of less concern. However, china is liable to give a reasonable explanation and pay for what it has done. These variants will naturally originate because of mutations caused due to the varying climatic conditions of different countries; however, the original virus was from china. This large-scale destruction cannot be caused by any random naturally occurring microorganism, but a specifically engineered bioweapon. However, what is atrocious is the fact that apart from the Indian and Australian media, not many are speaking up against china. It is because either they are too uplifted for China or afraid to cry out against China due to their diplomacy. Had it not been a superpower, everyone would have talked against it.

As more evidence surface each day against china (causing the “mysterious” deaths of many Chinese scientist who are speaking up) it will have to face lawsuits from all over the world. China does not recognise any international court of law; however, this will be of little importance as China has businesses and assets all across the world and if any court has sufficient evidence in any case, they will simply have to bind China’s assets in the country where prosecutions have won against China. There is a great deal of avarice on Wall Street and companies who are still willing to operate in China, but if China is sanctioned for its total lack of respect for the rule of law and for its criminal responsibility to deliberately infect the world while closing Wuhan to its own towns domestically, the international powers are going through a criminal case in China.

China should have at the proper time alerted the world about the virus, closed down international fights and not denied the fact that the virus is transmitted through persons. Rather it is trying to profit from vaccines, closing down oxygen supply to Indians who are suffering with the chinavirus, and blaming other countries on the pretext of variants. China should be shunned; it should pay for the losses of lives in developing countries and supply medical help rather than take objection on covid-19 being called the china or Wuhan virus. If we don’t stop it now, we only encourage it to do another “accidental” attack on the world.

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