What is Yellow Fungus? Know causes, effects, prevention and more.

The second tide of coronavirus is finally slowing down with daily cases in India dropping to below 2 lakhs. But new fungal infections are followed by its result. The most recently reported one is the deadly “yellow fungus”. After Black and White fungus, cases of yellow fungus appear in U.P. First case of yellow fungus was reported in Ghaziabad. The 45-year-old patient, who is undergoing treatment, is suffering from yellow fungus as well as black and white fungus. Yellow fungus is known to be more dangerous because it originates internally, which makes it more difficult to detect and treat. 

 Symptoms of yellow fungus 
• Weight loss 
• Sunken eyes 
• Failure of organs 
• Wound heal slowly 
• Permanent death of cells 
• Leakage of pus 
• Malnutrition 

 Causes of yellow fungus 
 Yellow fungus is mainly caused by a lack of hygiene. Poor hygienic people are more tend to be affected by this deadly infection. Humidity levels below 30-40 per cent can also stimulate the growth of fungus. Dull and old food can also lead to the growth of this virus. Remove old food and faecal matter in and around your house to help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus. 

 Treatment of yellow fungus 
 The only known treatment till now for this infection is Amphotericin B injection, which is an antifungal drug. It is also used in the treatment of black fungus. Precautions to take 
• Keep your house and surroundings clean. 
• Do not consume dull and old food. 
• Check the humidity in the room often. Too much humidity promotes the growth of yellow fungus. Start to maintain cross ventilation. 

• To avoid complications of the yellow virus, covid-19 patients should begin their treatment as soon as possible.

Understanding black fungus

This disease is caused by a kind of mould called ‘micromycetes, present in our surroundings. The infection affects those who are highly immunocompromised and have diabetes. Another cause of its growth is that to deal with COVID-19 patients, steroids are used to lessen the inflammation in the respiratory tracts. Such patients have been detected to be more prone to get this infection. Moreover, people with pre-existing morbidity such as diabetes, impaired kidney function or cancer are at higher risk of getting infected and they need to be very carefull.

The onset of white fungus

White fungus or ‘aspergillosis’ affects people with low immunity and comorbidities such as diabetes. Over usage of steroids is yet a factor in the onset of this disease. Unlike yellow and black fungus, this variant affects numerous parts of the body such as the nail bed, skin, stomach, kidney, brain and reproductive organs.

So, stay informed and alert of health changes arising due to the Covid-19 infection and keep in touch with a doctor.Whether it is about symptoms or side-effects, it is crucial to be doubly sure, so that you don’t run into crisis in any way. The only thing one must do, while dealing with Covid-19 at home, is to be in continual touch with a trusted doctor. If there are any serious symptoms, including low oxygen concentration, chest pain, and more, then it’s necessary to take immediate action. As we know, prevention is better than cure anyway.

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