Second home!

Do u know which is your second home? Of course we all do,our school life,our priceless moments! Everyone is longing to get back to their childhood,even when you’re reading this at the moment ,you got an instant click in your mind,a slideshow of your wonderful memories feels the same… I right?










School days are the best where there is no work pressure,no worrying of earning money but full time of learning happily through playing & enjoying life according to our wish. It’s a boon.









School days are the happiestttt,countless memories are tangled with those days,can never ever be replaced by anything! We can see the purest form of us,the real us during our childhood, sometimes we need to think and get cherished ourselves to keep the innocence in the experienced ,dark society!







Friends-one of the best relations,they were the one who made our school life unforgettable,without them…nothing would have happened! Though we fight,have gossips,angry for a while,we still love each other, still feel like we are the one -united always. We can’t find true friends like school friends and they remain the same forever,that was the place where we’re all connected and bonded with true love & care !

Listed out some of those amazing moments,

Sleeping with books

Act like being silent when principal passes by

Grabbing & sharing lunch boxes

Bunking class by making excuses for pee and drinking water

Crazy talks, kiddings,sightings,being enough naughty

Excitement of entering into a new class year

Borrowing bits, asking for answers during exams

Hiding behind friends while teacher asks a question

Getting kicked out from maths class for forgetting homework at home(lies)

Making cute excuses to the teacher

Used to fight for silly things with our friends like window seat/pen/food etc

Wanting to become the in charge of class

That moment of feeling proud when gets an appreciation from teacher

Plans to do a group study but ends up having fun and food

Playing xo,pen fight passionately as if it’s an Olympic event and many more……etc

We learned,we played,

We cried,we laughed,

We won,we lost,

We fought,we thought…..


Years went over, when I returned back to school

Found our names were still scribbled on walls,benches,canteen tables….

Wishing to become a child again,

Still missing and longing for those unforgettable moments!

With love,


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