To kill a mockingbird- Book review

A book relevant at all times through all ages.

You might have read the book at some point in your life. Either due to pressure from others (including google) or due to curiosity. And when you read it you have absolutely no regret you did so. You are left with nothing but inspiration, a new outlook on life, and love for everyone no matter how many times you read it.

The book is through the viewpoint of jean louise and is set in 1930s America. A time of trial and tribulation for the American people due to the great American economic depression. However, the beauty of the book is such that even in such times, in a time of no money, no support, when you feel that the entire worlds burden is on you, even at that time you can still be good, do the right thing and set an example. The book is not just relevant to the Americans, but to every race of the world. Every part of world has a society hierarchy, be it on the basics of colour, ancestors, job, caste, religion, sex or money. The book gives an example of America at a time when racism and woman oppression was quite prevalent in the country, and slavery was just starting to be condemned. The mindset of Atticus finch, his values and beliefs in a town where everyone, even his family were pro racisms and sexism, is quite inspirational. Because of his ethical and not his physical ability, he acts as an unconventional hero and role model. The entire novel shows the theme of morality, very difference from our modern-day movies where heroes are defined on their physical capabilities and looks.

The books highlights the fact that everyone has the capability to change and do the right thing, no matter how bad they are or what has happened in their past. Mrs Dubose for example, is a recovering morphine addict, who suffered and had the constant urge to use the drug, even when her health had given her away and made her despicable. Even a person like her had the will to do the right thing and she decided that during the last stages of her life, she is not going to hold on to the drug. She wanted to be liberated from a thing that had caused her so much of damage, and indeed she did. The book captures the essence of innocence and how just by following your gut instinct a person can come to know whether a thing is right or wrong. This innocence, however, prevails only in a child who is not subjected to the senseless rules and mannerisms of the society. Most of the people, while growing up, succumb to these mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of the society, in an effort to fit in. The few who resist this grow up to be like Atticus finch, not being xenophobic or homophobic but instead changing the mindset of the society and uplifting others. Everyone takes something different from the other, from this book, based on their life experience.

The book is a good teacher to our country India, which is one of the most diverse countries of the world in all aspects, be it colour, religion, caste, languages and beliefs. Our country is divided among itself in a variety of ways. Dowry, the need for a male child, oppression of woman, and superstition are still prevalent in rural areas of the country. However, one thing that is faced by most of India is interfaith marriages and casteism. A country this diverse is bound to have such problem. Understanding and overcoming the peculiar beliefs of people to not marry a person out of their religion or even in their religion but of a different caste is one thing that our country can learn from the lesson of equality the book teaches us. People can live together and follow different religion. Atticus finch is all the social workers who help the needy, all the teachers, and guardians who set good moral standards for their children, all the lawyers who fight for woman injustice and equality, Atticus finch can be the growing population of LGBTQ community and animal lovers.

Everyone is equal. You are a human being and so are the people around you. Hence, before you judge anyone, step into their shoes and see their perspective. And remember, kill all the bluejays you want, if you can, but it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.