The Internet

The internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other across the world. The internet is a world wide web of computers exchanging information with each other through telecommunication satellites and leased lines. Initially started as a defence project of the U. S. Government in 1968, the Internet’s usage has grown rapidly as a preferred medium of communication to the public at large.

It has three main uses—as a means of communication, as a mammoth storehouse of information of any kind, and as a new medium of commerce for buying and selling goods. Software applications like e-mail, chat, instant messaging and video conferencing have brought people living in far off places together in a virtual world where distances do not matter anymore. Numerous websites and search programmes can dig out any information at a click from a large variety of sources. Electronic commerce applications enable buying and selling of goods through virtual shopping centres and auctions.

It has become so popular because it provides information, communication and entertainment in an economical and attractive manner. People are rapidly opting for the internet in homes, offices and cyber cafes. The internet is changing lives in a way that telephone and television did long time ago. The world is truly becoming a global village.

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