India-US a major relation in the world today, says Jaishankar

External Affairs minister Jaishankar on his first visit to U.S. after Biden said the importance of India-US relation: On his first visit to the United States after the end of Trump administration and beginning of the Biden administration, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar called the relationship of India and US as one of the most important relationships in the world.

On wednesday S Jaishankar told H R McMaster the former national security advisor (during administration of Trump) that “I think our relationship has come a long way. It is, today, one of the major relationships in the world,” during a webcast discussion.

“My own sense is that I Washington today there is a real appreciation of the potential of this relationship … and it’s true of New Delhi as well,” he said. He also added that the challenge today is for the other countries to  learn to work with each other more effectively in this multipolar world.

He further added that “I see a big change in the American mindset in that regard, The United States has not only an enormous ability to reinvent itself, it also has a great ability to assess its situation and re-strategize, in a way. And I do think today that when it comes to the big issues of our day …we have fundamental convergences. Convergences which are societal convergences, which are geopolitical . And I think the challenge before us is how to translate those convergences into actionable policies” .

In July Mr. S Jaishankar gave an statement saying that America need to go “beyond alliance” and should learn how to work in a multipolar world with plurilateral arrangements. But since Biden administration came into power after Trump administration, the country has again started to recommit itself to the multilateralism as a pillar of its foreign policy. During Trump administration major policies were based on the idea of America First.

S Jaishankar also said that “I think there needs to be that realization that this could easily happen to us. In many cases, it has happened to us and the right response, therefore is to help each other out and I am glad to say we’ve [ India] seen a tremendous outpouring of international support and solidarity at this time,”. Mr. Jaishankar emphasised on the changing world after epidemic. Jaishankar also said to world that when you have a big problem the only way out is global cooperation.

Mr. Jaishankar also shared his views on increasing strategic anatomy. He said “I think …the conversations are beginning to change towards more resilience …how do you de-risk the world,“. He also said that world is going to change a lot due to pandemic. He said “We can’t have a world which is part vaccinated and part neglected, because that world is not going to be safe. ‘How do we get through the global challenges in a global way?’ I think that’s the big question,“. He also said regarding the countries pursuing their national interest at the cost of everything else and he said that it is going to cause problems for everyone.

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