The Ways to Improve Your English Vocabulary

It is often easy for people to speak broken English. Broken English is nothing but the mixture of our mother tongue and English. It would sound good and safe when we communicate with our friends or family. You would also think that “Wow I really speak good English , even if I combine it with my mother tongue”. But , what if the same broken English haunts you in a job interview or if you speak in a big crowd. Its a major thing to consider right.

So, let’s just improve our communication skills by practicing good English.

The ways specified here are easy and different , hopefully it helps people to improve their vocabulary.

Method 1: Read a story at night.

Instead of , scrolling through the phone for hours at night. Read books in any genre, be it bed time stories , fiction novel , horror stories; You just have to spent time reading a story at night. This helps you to learn new sentences and new words which you could use it in your day-to-day life.

Method 2: Convert your regional language phrases to English

Collect all the words that you most actively use in your mother tongue, convert them into English. Now you are just replacing your phrases into English, this helps you to use more English. This would also break the habit of using broken English.

Method 3: Speak to yourself in the mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror, pick any topic and start talking  about that topic. You will observe where are you really getting stuck and would improve further by repeating this exercise. For more effect, just record a video of you speaking English and pin point the mistakes you make.