IKIGAI-JAPANESE SECRET 4 HAPPY LIFE, this book is authored by Hector Gareta and Francese Miralles. It is based on the ancient, well practiced Japanese technique called Ikigai which gives the true meaning of life and kai meaning the realization of hopes and expectations. It is the reason for well being, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and meaning and feeling of well being. Most importantly Ikigai gives the reason to jump out of the bed each morning.

A purpose to fulfill or to chase a goal gives us the meaning to live a life.  Ikigai is a beautiful combination of what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you can be paid for. This book is all about finding the true purpose of one’s life and how to can be the path to achieve the happiness. It is the compound of your passion, profession and vocation.

The book touches the various aspects of life which can help us to achieve a very happy long life. Int this book they have described about many therapies in which they clearly explained about the idea that the humans are the most motivated species by a search for the meaning proving that the meaning of the life is the biggest quest in our minds.

In the subsequent chapters of Ikigai- Japanese secret 4 happy life it helps us to deep dive into discovering the meaning of our life.  So it is quite evident that the author is stressing more about discovering the meaning rather than creating one for you. This book draws a lot of references from an island called “OKINAWA” where there are more than 24.5 inhabitants of age more than 100 for every 1,00,000 people, here everyone has a purpose if not they help each other as a community to find the true purpose.

The book Ikigai beautifully tried to explaining the deep art of staying young while growing old. It gives the references of five blue zones in the world where residents of their places live longer than the average. The five blue zones are as follows:

    1. The Italian island of Sardinia.
    2. Okinawa, Japan.
    3. Loma Linda, California.
    4. Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula.
    5. Ikaria, an isolated Greek island.

In this book the author spoke about a technique describing about finding the beauty in imperfection and incomplete things. Here flawed is preferred over perfection. Japanese whole heartedly believe that only the imperfect, incomplete and fragmentary things are beautiful because they symbolizes and resembles the nature.


 The author helps us to find the flow in everything we do and helps us to find the meaning of being in the flow. If you have discovered the true meaning of your life then you need to completely immerse into the experience without being distracted by the surroundings and you attain the flow. The book also shares various technique that keep our mind and and body intact. It talks about Yoga, Meditation, Sun salutation, Radio Taiso and TaiChi.

Radio Tai

Man performing tai chi in a stunning setting.
Man Performing Tai Chi By The Ocean
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  1. Stay Active Never Retire:  Remain active throughout your life. Keep helping others and bringing beauty into their lives even after your professional career has ended.
  2. Don’t Hurry:  Stay slow, gentle, and full of ease.
  3. Eat Less Than Your Hunger:  Practice the 80 percent rule: Eat only until you feel 80 percent full. Or, practice intermittent fasting.
  4. Surround Yourself With Good Friends: Enjoy the company of the people you love, and who love you back.
  5. Keep Moving and Get in shape:  Practice gentle movement of some kind.
  6. Keep Smiling:  Maintain a cheerful attitude.
  7. Reconnect With Nature: Take time to get away from cities and recharge your spiritual batteries in communion with nature. do checkout my previous article on NATURE: THE TRUE HEALER
  8. Be Grateful: Take some time every day to direct a grateful attitude toward everything in your life. Find beauty in everything by applying the attitude of wabi-sabi.
  9. Live In The Moment: Give up regrets and fearful anticipation. Live in the now. Practice ichi-go ichi-e.
  10. Follow Your IKIGAI ,Unique Talent and Passion: Follow your ikigai, which motivates you to spend your life sharing the best of yourself with the world. If you’re still not sure what your ikigai is, bear in mind the advice of Viktor Frankl: If you don’t know your mission, then currently, your mission is to find it.

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