Value of Newspaper

The primary object of a newspaper is to supply news. Man, being basically curious by nature, want to know what is happening around him in the wide world. The newspaper is the best medium to meet this curiosity. The newspaper has a great educative value also.

Modern newspaper deal with a wide range of subjects—political and commercial news, library and scientific matters, entertainment, the stock market, etc; and thus it caters for the interest of all. The editorials and letters to the editor help the growth of public opinion and keep the government informed of it.

Newspaper keeps people abreast of the current events from all over the world and widen our mental horizon. It educates the people in all matters of public interest and teaches them to form opinions on the burning questions of the day. The newspaper is also the best medium of advertisement giving the most effective and widest publicity of different items.

Newspaper bear comments of diverse nature and interests. People should not be blindly guided by these comments but should keep an open mind and form our independent opinion on the problems discussed.

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