Electronic mail or e-mail

Electronic mail Or shortly e-mail is a modern method of instant delivery of letters without the involvement of a postman. In this system of mailing, messages are sent with the help of a computer. In the electronic mail or e-mail system, a letter or any other document is typed and edited on a computer. It is then sent to the address through a computer network in the form of electronic signals. The address may be anywhere in the world but the person should also have a computer or mobile with am electronic mail system.

Electronic mail has ushered in a revolution in the transmission system of written documents across the world. With the help of electronic mail system, typed matters can be transmitted instantaneously to any part of the world. Copies can also be sent simultaneously to as many destinations as desired. All that is needed is a device likes computer with telecommunication network facilities through satellites.

E-mail is very fast and saves time and paper work. While a letter mailed through post takes several days to reach, for an e-mail it is just a matter of a few seconds only. It has become very popular in our country and a time would soon come when every household would make use of this electronic facility.

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