the stability of life

A father’s fears and tears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.

Ama H. Vanniarachchy
Happy Father's Day to all dads - The Sunday Guardian Live

Stability, when we ponder upon this, we can think of many things. For some, it means having a peaceful life sheltered within the four walls and a roof, while for some, it means well enough income for sustainability while others might think about their plans like marriage. But for these versions of stability, one has to work hard and sacrifice everything in his way to achieve it. But there is one kind no one has to ever work for, a kind we receive since we are born in this world, that is, the stability provided by the pillar of our lives, our dad.

A dad is an individual who sacrifices all his versions of stability so that his son and daughter can live a stable life. He gives up his peace, his savings so that he can secure his young ones future. He devotes his entire existence to us to live a better and happy life at the expense of his countless days of sleep.

A mother may carry us inside her womb for nine months but, it’s the father that helps us take our first step. When we fall, it’s the mother who treats our injuries but, it’s a father who tells us to get back up and try again. While a mother supports us emotionally, it’s the father who shows us what real strength is.

On the brink of this pandemic, where many lost their families, jobs, houses, the pillars of our household didn’t lose hope. Without proper public transportations, they travelled long miles for their work, worked alternatively from their home and office to fulfil the shortages inside their household. And unfortunately, many fathers lost their lives due to this.

Their real strength is hope. Hope to feed their families at heart’s content with their earnings, hope to see their kids become successful in life, hope their loved ones to lead a healthy life and hope that their family would live on if something were to happen to them. They may or may not have higher qualifications in this modern era of technologies, but they have the best experience when it comes to life. Having been through countless ups and downs and having seen the lowest of the low points in life, they try to give their kids a perfect life so that they wouldn’t have to experience the cruelty of the world. They protect from the frontline while stepping aside during celebrations shows how selfless and giving their love is.

So on this Father’s Day, let’s appreciate his sacrifice and show him that his hard work was never in vain. Let us show him that we were always thankful for his guidance whenever we stuck at crossroads, felt safe when he covered us with a blanket at night, were happy when he fulfilled all our wishes without any expectations. But, we also got worried when he was late, tensed when he caught a cold, felt sorry when we saw the dark circles under his tired eyes, cried when we saw him hurt but loved him from the bottom of our hearts as he was and always will be the permanent stability of our lives.