Being in the imagination or live in the realistic world .

Being born in money or torn away by poverty is the world where we live

The Hallucination

Are the money makers living their life without fear ?

Can a poorer get to live more life than its fated ?

Will you ignore the one who hurt you immensely ?

Or like a coward , can you run from the truth ?

If yes , than pray to god for providing you such an imaginary world . Don’t take it seriously but you really need to wake up .

The Truth

The life that we are living is not a game to play . We need be realistic while taking decisions in our life . I don’t want to sound like an arrogant person . But we need to think before taking any decision because it may or may not harm our future . In our life we only focus on materialistic things and grow accustom to them . Which leads to the situation where we become selfish and fiercely jealous to one’s personality .

We judge them regarding to their status , money , power , clothes and their physique . Ding ding …. It’s time for the truth we become impetuous .

So what we learn from OJO -MOJO . 1. Like OJO that donot study and fail in your class. OR 2. MOJO that learn workhard and get award from the school . I choose options 1 (hehe don’t get any ideas I am a hardworker so I will choose my handsome MOJO not an overconfident OJO )


Not against the world of imagination just a believer of reality .

Life is not easy I agree with you but can we make it easy , Is the question only you can answer .

For me , we can only when we are focusing on our work rather than its result . I am not repulsive about getting a promotion on my first day on the work . But I am excited about learning new things and improve my capabilities . That how we need to react . I didn’t get the idea of getting a luxurious jet when I didn’t even have a penny to spend on my health . Well if you can just don’t forget to take me as well ( Huh.. greedy me ) .

I do imagine my life being in the island with some hot people around me ( its a wild imagination) . Well I can’t change that . But what I can change is the accept the reality ( like sitting in my PJ’s , eating popcorn and drooling over Michele Morrone yeah I am fan of 365 days ) .


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

Lao Tzu
things that are written in the blog is my perspective of life . i am not taunting anyone . 
its your life you can live according to your rules .

and yes pictures that i used in the blogs are from pintrest .

enjoy your reading .