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We can’t completely grasp Google’s time crystal discovery since it is so large.

Forget about Fuchsia and Google Search. Researchers from Google, Stanford, Princeton and other institutions could have discovered a computer breakthrough so significant we can’t completely grasp it yet. Even Google scientists aren’t convinced whether their time crystal finding is correct. However, if the report is correct, Google may be one […]

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Malware hiding in AI neural networks

A trio of Cornell University academics discovered that malware code may be hidden inside AI neural networks. On the arXiv preprint server, Zhi Wang, Chaoge Liu, and Xiang Cui have published a paper outlining their experiences with inserting code into neural networks. Criminals’ attempts to get into devices running new […]

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The latest autonomous drone technology and its capabilities

The scout drone 137 American Robotics’ autonomous drone has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, making it the first federally licensed drone on the market. Drones that operate independently are a significant technical advancement. Not for domestic use because safety is still an issue, but this could boost productivity […]

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Unveiling of a 100-Qubit Quantum Computing System

Atom Computing, a quantum computing firm, has announced the development of a quantum computing machine with unrivaled capabilities. The Phoenix system, which is in its initial iteration, can hold up to 100 qubits and is touted to be ‘exceptionally’ stable with lengthy coherence periods, allowing for high performance. Separately, the […]

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The ‘holy grail’ of batteries: Scientists create a ‘iron-air’ battery that rusts and stores power for days at a tenth of the price of lithium-ion batteries.

In the United States, an ‘on-air battery has been created that can hold electricity generated by wind or solar power plants for days before gently discharging it to the grid. According to Form Energy, a technological firm based in Massachusetts, it will help combat climate change by eliminating the demand […]

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How To Fix Windows 11 BSOD (Black Screen of Death)

The Blue Screen of Death is the one screen that all Windows users are terrified of. The BSOD has been there for decades, and while it hasn’t changed much over the years, it’s still powerful enough to make users’ hearts skip a beat whenever they see it. Our Windows blues […]

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Netflix’s gaming expansion begins on mobile devices.

Netflix started in its second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday that its early gaming efforts will be centered on mobile games and that the games will be included with customers’ Netflix subscriptions. The news comes just days after the firm announced the hiring of Mike Verdu, a former EA, and Oculus […]

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