How caffeine boosts your workout

Studies have shown that Caffeine benefit endurance performance, high-intensity exercise and power sports. There have been enumerable researches on the effectivness and safety of caffeine. It is the most studied supplement out there. Caffeine has health benefits, but the performance benefits are discussed in this article.

4 reasons why caffeine makes workouts better

1 – MORE ENERGY – the first reason why caffeine makes your workouts better is, it increases your energy levels. Here, energy means alertness. The way caffeine works in your brain is as a central nervous stimulator, it blocks certain receptors to increase the levels of adernaline, dopamine, epinephrine. The increased levels of epinephrine, dopamine and adernaline give you the drive and a little bit of euphoria. The “drive” that you get makes a large difference between a good workout and a bad workout.

2. MORE STRENGTH – the second reason why caffeine makes your workouts better is, it increases your muscle strength. The research on caffeine shows that “one dose” of caffeine before workout can have an effect on your strength and increase your strength immediately. One dose implies a high enough amount of caffeine, i.e 300mg or more. The main way it does this is by stimulating the nervous system. The nerves which activate muscle fibres, with the intake of caffeine now activate those muscle fibre’s with even more force . More force on muscle fibre’s equals more strength.

3. MORE ENDURANCE – the third reason why caffeine makes your workouts better is, it increases your endurance during workouts. There are several ways through which caffeine increases your endurance. The first way is, by increasing fat burning levels during workouts. This means that when you train with caffeine, you burn more fat.That spears muscle glycogen which means you have more energy later on in the workout, when you need it. Another way by which caffeine increases your endurance is by boosting nitric oxide levels. Research actually shows that caffeine can enhance vessel dilation. It makes your blood vessel’s wider, which ensures in greater blood flowing through muscles. More blood flowing through muscles delivers more oxygen and more nutrients, which indeed increase endurance during workouts

4. LESS MUSCLE PAIN – the fourth and final reason why caffeine makes your workouts better is, it decreases muscle pain during workout. Research actually shows that caffeine works better than ibuprofen for blunting your muscle pain during workouts. With less muscle pain, you can go off limits with your workout and hit those extra reps which wouldn’t be possible without caffeine. More reps equals better results.

Performance benefits research

In a research conducted by National Library of Medicine with the purpose of studying the duration of caffeine’s ergogenic effect and whether it differs between users and non users of the drug, where Twenty-one subjects (13 caffeine users and 8 nonusers) completed six randomized exercise rides to exhaustion at 80% of maximal oxygen consumption after ingesting either a placebo or 5 mg/kg of caffeine. Exercise to exhaustion was completed once per week at either 1, 3, or 6 hours after placebo or drug ingestion. 

 Exercise time to exhaustion differed between users and nonusers with the ergogenic effect being greater and lasting longer in nonusers.

In conclusion, both the duration and magnitude of the ergogenic effect that followed a 5 mg/kg dose of caffeine were greater in the nonusers compared with the users.

*ibuprofen – Ibuprofen is a medication in the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug class that is used for treating pain, fever, and inflammation*

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