Conversation skills that you need

communication plays a very important role in human life. It helps in the exchange of information and knowledge, it helps in developing relationships, the bonding on which the human life dwells itself. Conversations are key to language development. Ideas and thoughts also find a way to enhance through conversations. They make learning easier when combined with perfect facial and body expressions.

how do you define conversation skills?

A perfect conversation is the one which “serves the intention” and “transfers the information” perfectly. People may define it differently, But for the most part, conversation skills include ability to initiate, sustain and end a conversation. You may have the best information, but how you share, matters a lot. And also Engagement- an attempt to perfectly involve others in the conversation, is important.

“Conversation skills refer to a collective set of skills needed to communicate effectively with another person”. Better skills allow to understand and comprehend better to every person in the conversation.

The pandemic which hit the world very badly is forcefully making people to isolate themselves, replacing in person conversations to Vedio calls. Obviously there is a difference when you talk to a person when he is in front of you and when you talk through a screen. But rise in social media popularity did this before pandemic. Conversations have been changed to texting. These all are taking important conversation skills away from people. Clearly avoiding screen is not a solution, but maintaining a balance is very important.

ways to improve conversation skills

LISTEN ACTIVELY: Listening shows that we are in the person and the topic of conversation. Listening is as vital as speaking since a conversation involves sharing which needs both giving and receiving end. Practice active listening by paying attention, Asking questions to clarify confusions and repeating the message or its summary back to the speaker.

LOOK FOR NONVERBAL CUES: Non verbal communication has importance exactly as the words person chooses to do conversation. For example, consider body language. Try to have a good eye contact with the person in front of you. By saying a good eye contact I mean, the eye contact shouldn’t be making the person uncomfortable. Nodding your head to show your agreement or disagreement also helps. Keeping yourself in a position that makes you hear them correctly will also help. And if you are the speaker, make sure the message you are sending is consistent both verbally and non verbally.

HAVE EMPATHY: When you are listening to other person, try to put yourself in his/her shoes. Try to understand their point of view. Use statements which shows that you are understanding. For example ” I can understand your situation”. This will help to build trust. Learn to “agree to disagree”. Respect them even if you disagree. Be polite throughout the conversation.

PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS: A person with strong conversation skill will absorb more from the conversation than the average person just by noticing extra details. This will help you have more accuracy in the information. Noticing the accent and the motive in the conversation will help in long term.

OFFER INTRESTING INSIGHTS: People with good conversation skills frequently yell you things you didn’t know and find interesting. Increase your knowledge by reading books, magazines and listening to podcasts. Observe how they are choosing words or expressing them. Be Honest when you don’t know, that will not make you anything lesser.

TALK SLOWLY: A good conversationalist often act as they have abundance of time. Don’t hurry or cut others sentences. Take your time while speaking and be confident. Try to take a time before what you say to just reflect on it. be thoughtful.

USE RIGHT WORDS: A well ability to communicate has a lot to do with the words you choose. Bad choice of words will create misunderstandings. Constantly work on your vocabulary and practice communicating accurately.

A good communication skill will help you regardless of the field you are going to be in. Develop these skills as soon as possible and shine on!