Safety First: Three Tips for Packing the Perfect First Aid Kit

Every individua ‘s life and work are closely related to his environment . Man has progressed in various fields of life such as industrialisation , mechanisation, transport and science, etc. Therefore, this age is called an electronic age or space age. But on the other hand, this development has created such conditions that a person may get injured anywhere and at anytime.

In spite of good measures aimed at industrial safety and the development of safety devices and techniques, the number of accidents is still high in industries and specially in day to day life. Indeed, there is no definite time of such injuries. These can happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Injuries usually occur in industries and on the farm, during the repair, maintenance and operation of vehicles of various kinds, during games and sports and in various situations everyday. These often happen by accident, so it is impossible to anticipate the time and place of an accident. Someone may get fractured, another may be bitten by snake. So, it can be said that every individual is trapped in one way or the other by accidents. In fact, it is very difficult ton get medical aid to victims at the sport of the accident. At that moment, some immediate possible aid is required to the victim. So, first aid is the first help which is given to the wounded or accidental victims before the arrival of the doctor.

In other words, ” It is an immediate and temporary care given to a victim of an accident or sudden illness before the services of a physician is obtained.

In can also be said that first aid is that aid is that aid which is provided to the injured in case of an accident, injury or sudden illness. It enables the trained persons to render the help to preserve life, promote recovery of the injury until the arrival of the doctor.

In fact, the area of field of sports and games is such a field, where getting injured is very common. Any player can be injured at least once during his/her sports career. The facilities of a qualified doctor are available in national or international level competitions but usually such facilities or services of a doctor are not available during practice, training or competitions of normal levels. The teacher of health and physical education should also have enough knowledge of first aid so that he may provide first aid to the players at the time of training and competitions.