5 Effective Factors for Good Health

As we all know “Health is Wealth “, we all should take a good care of our health .A good health is equal to valuable treasure .With a good healthy body & mind you will be able to live a long & diseases pain free life , able to get success , & have a happy everyday lifestyle . There are some factors which will helps you to gain in this important field.

Yoga Practices : Yoga is some  mental , physical spiritual actions for good mental & physical health .Some research already prove that yoga is an effective exercise for not only fitness of the body but also in mental health with other good improvement in health. WHO also have given positive feedback on yoga & made an 2018-2030 action plan for yoga practice  .United Nation announce 21st June as the World Yoga Day .There are various types of yoga with various benefits . Naukasana (Boat Posture) ,Vakrasana((Twisted Posture)  for belly-fat lose , Dhanurasana (Bow Posture) for weight-loss . Sukhasana (Easy Posture) ,Kakasana (Crow Posture), Bhujangasana (Cobra Posture), Sarvangasana (Stand On Shoulder Posture) ,Shirasana (Stand on Head Posture) etc are some yoga asana which help in many physical(Blood Circulation, Mussel Growth , Nervous System, Respiratory System, Blood circulation etc)  & mental Health ( Relaxation, Mind-peace, sleeplessness, concentration, stress etc) .Only one yoga poster have many remarkable benefits which help to prevent some harmful diseases. Now a days many YouTube channels ,apps ,communities are there for as a yoga instructors . Even some school, college ,company have included yoga in their curriculum keeping the benefactor of yoga in mind .

Regular Exercise or, Workout at gym : Exercise or workout are also very helpful in maintaining fitness . You can do it in a gym using some workout  machine & heavy weight equipment or you can do some workout exercise  for body fitness as both are effective .Although  some research show that there are some negative effects also .Exercise or workout helps in body fat loss , increase muscle strength , improve blood circulation, expand endurance level etc. Some machine used in gyms for workouts are mechanical treadmill , spring stretcher , Adjustable bench ,barbell stand ,cable crossover, lifting  etc. Push-up ,aerobic exercise ,walk, squat, swimming ,cycling are some effective exercise . You can take a help from some apps , YouTube channels ,community ,gym ,professionals for doing such exercise or workout for fitness .

Eating Healthy Food: Yoga & exercise help in good health but health foods are also very important in this case .As we all know every vegetables ,fruits ,animal products have some nutritious value and help our body to gain protein ,vitamins, carbohydrates, fat in perfect amount for healthiness if we consume them in a systematic manners . Some nutrition value , and health benefits are mentioned below — 1)Spinach: It is a green vegetable with lots of Calcium, Iron, Vitamins (Vita-K ,Vita-A ,Vita-C) ,antioxidants .It helps in physical energy , clean blood for oxygen circulation, blood pressure reduction for good heart etc. which prevents some health issues .                                      2) Kale: It is leafy greens . It has 7 calories & some vitamins(A,C,K) as nutrition .It decrease the amount of BP , bad cholesterols & sugar in our blood .                                                                                                                                3) Beets: It is a red- pinkish vegetable with  good cholesterols , potassium ,antioxidants which helps greatly in diabetes & BP .                                                                                                                                                      4) Carrots: It is a orange colors vegetables but it can also be purple or yellow . It has %2 types of calories , Vitamin A & a lot of amounts of beta carotenes which helps in skin problems , breast cancer ,eyesight . 5) Edible Mushrooms: It has various categories with special shapes ,size colors & very delicious . It has a great amount of Vitamin B-6 ,Vitamin C ,iron , protein & non-fat which it prevents cancer , diabetes , heart problem etc.                                                                                                                                                                        6) Lemons: it is sour juicy fruit lots of Vitamin C & antioxidants which works on cold flu , weight loss ,cancer , diabetes etc.                                                                                                                                                                            7) Apple: It is a popular health benefiting  fruit  which contains calories ,carbohydrates ,fibers , potassium etc. & works on cardio-vascular diseases .                                                                                                              8) Avocado: It is green creamy & quit expensive fruit with high amount of potassium ,calories & antioxidants & helps in lowering cholesterols &chances of  heart disease .                                                                      This is just given as an example for showing that every fruits & vegetables have good health nutation. As for animal products like milk , meat , eggs etc. also have lots of protein & other elements with is important for our body growth . So we can see every edible foods have certain amount of nutriments & we should consume them as much as our body needed . Neither less nor more . You can take a help from any app , nutrition in this case .

Good Habits : With the  healthy foods , exercise & yoga ,we should develops some good habits for better health benefit , prevention of diseases . Some good habits are mentioned below —– 1) Early To bed & early to rise ,2) Drinking water after raising 3) Don’t go to bed as soon as your lunch or dinner is finished ,4) consume lots of water in a day ,5) do some exercise after eating , 6) yoga after raising 7)drinking mild hot water with lemon or honey in morning instead coffee 7) check about weight on daily or weekly basis 8) Do exercise or yoga in morning daily 9) Don’t drink cold water 10) Bath in morning  11) a healthy breakfast with fruits ,eggs  . There are so many healthy habits & you should practices them as you needed but they are important .