Insomnia is sleep sickness ,which doesn’t allow the person to sleep.It might be because of poor health, unhealthy eating habits, depression , anxiety,stress or any other medical problem.


The most common symptoms for this diesease is sleep sickness , can’t feel relaxed,staying asleep.

Natural medication

Some natural medicine and herbal plants that helps you get some sleep:


Glycine consists of amino acids allows to lower the body temperature and feel relaxed and get some sleep.

You can have Glycine rich food to maintain the Glycine intake in the body .Some food rich in nutrients are:

Bean,Spinch , cabbage,and some fruits like bananas and kiwis.

*Valerian roots

Valerian is a herbal plant that help you to get proper sleep .

Some other ways


Regular exercise and meditation can gelp you to get proper sleep and helps you to maintain good health.

*Balanced diet

A nutritious and health diet which include all the vitamins and minerals is really very important to have a good sleep.

*Drink Water

Drinking enough water can help you to have proper and healthy sleep routine .One should drink 7-8 glasses of water everyday.It help you to stay healthy and make your skin glow.

Hope this will help to shut your eyes and get a good sleep .

Stay Healthy ,Stay Safe.