All Addictions are Dangerous

Whenever the word ‘addiction’ pops up, people often connect it immediately to drugs, smoking or alcohol and deny to think further more. But getting used to anything beyond a limit, be it a coffee, food or shopping is an addiction and is equally dangerous.

While some of these addictions might appear more harmless on the surface, but in reality all of them limit your life in some way or the other. It’s important to try and quit if you recognize that a habit is taking over your life.

First, start by acknowledging the problem and then believe in yourself that with proper work you can overcome this problem. I am not telling that this would be easy, but surely it would be worth the effort. Take it day at a time. It can be intimidating in the start, but take baby steps to reach goal and don’t quit.

One day at a time….

Be optimistic, reach the root of the problem and take some time to truly understand where this habit comes from and how it is ruining your life and health. Sometimes contemplating on your mistakes can help you get rid of them once and for all.

Stay committed and do not leave mid-way. I promise you that your transformation will help you live a much more enriching, creative, free and empowering life.