College Life and pandemic.

College life is the most incredible phase of life where we gain innumerable experiences and make memories that last for a lifetime. It is the time we are exposed to the whole new world, the world out of the boundaries that schools build up to provide a safe environment. College life has different meanings for everyone. While some spend their time hanging out with friends having fun and party, others devote their focus towards study to pave the way to a brighter future. Be it a college rockstar or nerd, every individual wants to relive the memory lane of this beautiful arena.

Generally, college life is the time when an individual moves to another city to settle as a newbie as well as a freshman in college. Hence, is the time to learn from real-life experiences and learn to fit in the society as an individual. It is experiences that shapes the narrative of one’s mind and that’s how an individual’s growth is linked to directly to the environment we live in, which is why it is absolutely necessary to live these important years of life.

But unfortunately, batch of 2020 has no such experience and college students are stuck with an online system since March 2020, which is saddening and equally depressing. It is not only about classes that students are missing in this pandemic rather it’s the crucial period of life full of twists, turn and fun in being missed. While college life is shrunk and bottled up on the screen of the laptop and mobile phones, that is the worst possible scenario, life has become equally dull and bland. Attending everything from classes to workshops to fest virtually is a daunting task because it’s tiring to sit on the computer all day and is equally detrimental to health.

This online system is not online only affecting physical health but also provoking mental health issue particularly. In the provided system, fear of being missed out due to social isolation is overpowering young minds gradually, as a consequence of which anxiety and depression are entrapping the youths at a much faster rate in comparison to that of the adults. Like I said it’s the environment that shapes the narrative, and everyone is well aware of this chaotic and challenging online environment.

However, it is rightly said that something is at least better than nothing, so is this whole virtual life system that is allowing us to access education and work from our home.

So, in these trying times, it is necessary for everyone and for students as well to take care of themselves a little more than in the pre-pandemic world by connecting more with your family and developing habits of waking up early to have a moment of silence with yourself in the morning to introspect and meditate to generate the relaxing effect, and to remind the things to yourself that you’re still grateful for even in this pandemic.

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