Grief and Bereavement.

Life isn’t as easy and smooth as we assume and expect it to be. With life comes hardships and sufferings. For some, it’s the loss of a loved one, and for others, it’s a financial crisis or maybe some sort of physical, emotional or mental abuse. Grief is linked to anything that overstresses your mind that causes extreme pain leading to heart break.

Grief is something that everyone will experience at some point in life. In simple words, grief can be defined as a reaction that an individual revert in response to any type of loss while bereavement is a type of grief that is linked to the death of the loved one.

A person under grief usually undergo five stages of it that is subject to one’ environment. However, we can culminate it in below five stages and these are:

1.Denial: It is the first stage of grief where an individual is reluctant to accept the reality that the loved one is gone to never return. It’s the most difficult phase where it’s hard to feel anything and that empty feeling is hard to explain.

2.Anger: Denial is followed by anger where you’re partly aware of what has happened and the bereaved will never come in person, and the discomfort this thought provokes, leads to resentment.

3.Negotiation: Now, here comes that negotiation part where individual attempts to postpone sadness by visualizing a “what if” scenario. Like what if it wouldn’t have turned out this way and life wouldn’t have lead despair and anguish.

4.Depression: After bargaining our feelings, our attention moves to the present reality that gives rise to the empty feeling. The stage where it is difficult to carry out day to day activities. Losing someone is very depressing and it is a normal and appropriate response in the given situation. Grief is no doubt a process of healing, so is the depression a necessary step along the way.

5.Acceptance: After going through the above stages, now comes the time to accept your reality that the loved one is gone and it is impossible to meet him/her in person. It’s the time to accept that ‘It is what is it” and that’s how I’ve to live my burying it in heart and move forward in life with a smile on your face.

Grief is indeed necessary because this is how life works. The pain of grief can often cause you to retreat into your shell and withdraw from others. But having face-to-face support is necessary. Even if you’re not comfortable talking about your feelings under normal circumstances, it’s important to express them when you’re grieving. It’s not necessary to talk about your loss all the time, but be with someone, who’s presence is just enough to lessen your burdened soul. The key is just not to isolate yourself while healing.

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